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Porous Premiere Issue
Caution: Student Boater
Hes Got Issues!
Beware… The Dishwasher!
Another Work of Art From SpongeBob Comics
Crisis of Infinite Jerks
The Savage Spatula of SpongeBob
Dumbin Right at Ya!
Free Comic Book Day 2012: Freestyle Funnies
Calls in the Wild
Safe-Cracking Up!
More Sweet Stories!
Well Done, Squidward!
Haunted 13th Issue
Now Under New Management!
A Star is Burned!
The Treasure of Captain Goldfish
The Magazine for Porous Pushovers!
Driving Dutchman
The Search for Squidward
Free Comic Book Day 2013: Freestyle Funnies
Lord of the Kelp Forest!
The Krusty Krab--Nabbed!
Super-Giant Swimtacular #1
Bubble Double Trouble
Jelly Pants
Heads and Tales
Soggy Supernatural Stories!
Sick Day
Jellyfish Court
Curse of the King Krabbe
Scientific Stories for Nuts Like You!
Puffs Pageant
Kings of the Night
Free Comic Book Day 2014: Freestyle Funnies
Showdown at the Shady Shoals
Summer Smash!
Super-Giant Swimtacular #2
Ride Em HorsiePants!
Planktons Playtime
The All-New! All-Different!
Underwater Dreams and Nightmares
Comfy-Cozy Crisis!
Panicky Volcano Issue
Now Playing! Exclusive Engagement!
Spot the Differences!
Fry Cook 2.0
Free Comic Book Day 2015: Freestyle Funnies
The Deranged Detector
Super-Giant Swimtacular #3
The Menace of the Mola-Mola
The Fish Stick Cometh
Have a Nice Day, Gary
Patty Thing
Maritime Mashup!
The All-Wet Game for Lucky Lubbers!
Trapped in Dimension Duh!
3 Seaworthy Stories
The Ballad of Barnacle Bill Part 1
Free Comic Book Day 2016: Freestyle Funnies
The Ballad of Barnacle Bill Part 2
Nautical Noir
The Strangest, Soggiest Super-Citizens of the Seven Seas!
Larry and Patrick: Two Maroons!
Dry Noon
Liar! Liar! SquarePants on Fire!
Who is Mermaid Girl? Part 1 of 2
Sandys Trek
Go, Snail Babies, Go!
Lost Booty! Part 1 o 5
Its Hip to be SquarePants.
Free Comic Book Day 2017: Freestyle Funnies
Rockin Down the Boatway!
Return to Terror Trench!
Super-Giant Swimtacular #5
Lost Booty! Part 5 o 5
Curse of the S.S. Unpleasant!
Fishy Friends 4-ever!
Epic SpongeFunnies
Untidaled Part 1 of 2
Untidaled Part 2 of 2
To Infini-Teeth!
Free Comic Book Day 2018: Freestyle Funnies
Squidwards Kitchen Adventure
Journey to the Center of the Sponge
Super-Giant Swimtacular #6
Bite Into Our Plankton Issue