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SpongeBob Comics: Super-Giant Swimtacular #3

Release Date: June 17, 2015

Pages: 48

Future Tales
Pages: 10
Pencils the Pirate visits the Sea Biddy to look at SpongeBob comics from the future.

Bikini Bottom Wasteland
Pages: 12
SpongeBob travels through time to find the Krabby Patty formula, but accidentally goes 400 years into the future.

The Consumer is Always Right
Pages: 11
SpongeBob fights the oppressive government for the right to serve people food how they want it.

The Future is Wow
Pages: 2
Patrick tells Sandy about the future they are currently living in.

Mermaid Man 39,616 AD
Pages: 10
Mermaid Man travels to the future to stop an evil threat from destroying their way of life.

Planet of the Fish
Pages: 4
Squidward travels through space to try to find a better home but when he gets there, he isn't treated how he expected.

Random Fact: All the stories in this issue were themed around the future.