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SpongeBob Watch Parties

Come together to watch the live premieres of new episodes with fellow fans, no TV subscription required! SpongeBob Watch Parties was hand-crafted by SBM staff for fans by fans. All you need is yourself and a SBM account - it's completely free to attend! The link to the watch party will be posted in the forums shoutbox approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Upcoming Watch Parties

- Thursday, July 22 @ 6pm CT: New Kamp Koral episodes on Paramount+
- Friday, July 23 @ 6pm CT: Stair Wars/Enemie a la Mode (#102) -- The Patrick Star Show
- Friday, July 30 @ 6pm CT: Stair Wars (#102a)/The Haunting of Star House (#107a) -- The Patrick Star Show
- Friday, August 6 @ 6pm CT: Squidina's Little Helper (#105a)

Make sure to register on the forums to be able to join!