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SpongeBob Comics #38: Comfy-Cozy Crisis!

Release Date: November 12, 2014

Pages: 36

The Sweater
Pages: 10
When SpongeBob puts on a sweater from his grandma, he turns into a different person.

Can You Pop This? Part 1
Pages: 1
SpongeBob uses a bubble to rescue a drowning fish at Goo Lagoon.

Pages: 1
Today's Special, Gourmet.

A True Fan
Pages: 1
A pirate has to prove to the captain that he is a true fan of SpongeBob.

Can You Pop This? Part 2
Pages: 1
Squidward blows a bubble using his clarinet.

A Pet Supply Sale!
Pages: 1
SpongeBob tries to decide whether to get a neat toy or fancy litter for Gary.

The Eternal Struggle
Pages: 6
SpongeBob and Patrick go to see the Goofy Goober Sing Along Spectacular but when they ruin the performance, they impress Squilliam with the way they are struggling to fix things.

Can You Pop This? Part 3
Pages: 1
Mr. Krabs blows a bubble in the shape of a dollar sign.

Regeneration a Go-Go
Pages: 4
SpongeBob and Patrick have fun taking off their arms and having them regenerate.

Guard Worm
Pages: 2
Squidward gets a guard worm to keep SpongeBob and Patrick out of his yard.

Can You Pop This? Part 4
Pages: 1
Patrick blows the best bubble… by burping.

Random fact: The story "A True Fan!" Makes references to SpongeBob wikis and fan clubs.