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SpongeBob Comics #47: The Fish Stick Cometh

Release Date: August 12, 2015

Pages: 36

No More Mr. Ice Guy
Pages: 10
A fish stick frozen in ice falls to the ocean floor, and Mr. Krabs uses it as a tourist attraction, but things turn to chaos when he thaws out.

See for Yourself
Pages: 2
Patrick invites SpongeBob to play on the seesaw, or as Patrick calls it, the "See".

Pages: 1
The Jokes on You, Ultimate Prankmaster

A Day in the life of Larry the Lifeguard
Pages: 2
Larry describes an average day for himself as the lifeguard at Goo Lagoon.

Pages: 2
SpongeBob and Patrick visit a bubble themed amusement park.

Summer Mix-up
Pages: 1
SpongeBob accidentally bumps into a passerby, spilling their two drinks and absorbs both, but solves the problem by mixing the two drinks together.

Plankton and the Amoeba Gang
Pages: 4
Plankton gets a gang of amoebas to help him steal the Krabby Patty formula.

One Little Lie
Pages: 10
When squidward lies to SpongeBob about being sick to avoid his house party, SpongeBob and his friends decide to pay him a visit to make him feel better.

Random fact: The story "No More Mr. Ice Guy" features a live action fish stick.