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SpongeBob Comics #55: The Ballad of Barnacle Bill Part 1

Release Date: April 13, 2016

Pages: 36

The Ballad of Barnacle Bill Part 1
Pages: 26
Barnacle Bill returns to find Barnacle Boy, who was his original sidekick, so they can rescue his mermaid love who was captured by the white water witch years before.

Pages: 1
Tough Enough, Real Tattoos Hurt

Flotsam Fables: Legends of the Deep
Pages: 2
Read about mythical mermaids and how the idea of them was created.

One Krabby Patty to Go
Pages: 2
Patrick scares away customers but drooling over other's Krabby Patties, since he can't afford one.

Mermaid Man at Home
Pages: 1
Mermaid Man proves he doesn't need a sidekick to help him fold his underwear.

Random fact: "Barnacle Bill" is based on the original name and design for Barnacle Boy.