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SpongeBob Comics #21: The Krusty Krab--Nabbed!

Release Date: June 12, 2013

Pages: 36

The Krusty Nabbed!
Pages: 10
King Neptune takes the Krusty Krab to give to his niece as a dollhouse.

Pages: 4
Squidward realizes how much better life is with earplugs in.

Brine Dancin'
Pages: 1
SpongeBob and Sandy see who has better dance moves.

Eye of the Beholder
Pages: 2
Plankton paints a picture of Karen to bring customers to the Chum Bucket.

Pages: 1
Math Teacher, Pop Quiz.

The Landquarium
Pages: 10
SpongeBob and Sandy visit the Landquarium, where you can learn about animals that live in land.

You Talkin' to Me?
Pages: 1
SpongeBob thinks he hears someone call his name.

Random fact: This is the first issue with King Neptune.