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SpongeBob Comics #23: Jelly Pants

Release Date: August 14, 2013

Pages: 36

The Jellyfishing Master
Pages: 10
A new jellyfisher comes to town and claims to be the best.

Pages: 1
Beautiful Day, Roasting, Lots of Laughs.

The Eye of the Goober
Pages: 2
Sandy helps SpongeBob train for a marathon.

In the Cards
Pages: 1
SpongeBob and Patrick try to play a card game- with trading cards.

The Critic
Pages: 12
A famous and influential restaurant critic comes to the Krusty Krab and the Krusty Crew needs to make a good impression.

Disguise Surprise
Pages: 2
SpongeBob dresses up like a jellyfish to try and be friends with it.

Pages: 1
SpongeBob and Patrick say hey to each other.

Random fact: This issue has a Goo Lagoon themed pin-up poster.