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Ripped Pants

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Airdate:July 17, 1999
@10:15 am EST
Season: 1
Prod. Number: 2b
Air Number: 2b
Paired With:Bubblestand
Directors:Paul Tibbitt (storyboard), Edgar Larrazabal (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Writers:Paul Tibbitt, Peter Burns
Songs:Ripped Pants
Ripped Pants
Ripped Pants
I Ripped My Pants
Plot:SpongeBob tries to impress Sandy Cheeks at Mussel Beach and accidentally rips his pants! He's embarrassed until he realizes the beach crowd thought it was a great joke he did on purpose! SpongeBob's ripped pants are a hit, but the joke gets old, fast!
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"How about a little more weight? Observe."

"What happened to you?"