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Sweet and Sour Squid

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Airdate:July 21, 2011
Season: 8
Prod. Number: 158a
Air Number: 190
Paired With:The Googly Artiste
Directors:Aaron Springer (Storyboard), Vincent Waller (Creative), Tom Yasumi (Animation)
Writers:Aaron Springer, Mr. Lawrence
Songs:Neat Clarinet
Plot:Plankton tries to become friends with Squidward in order to obtain the Krabby Patty secret formula. But Squidward refuses to converse with him until SpongeBob lets Plankton in on Squidward's love of music. Soon, after listening to Squidward's clarinet playing+ (with a set of earplugs), Plankton and Squidward become friends and share their music all over Bikini Bottom.
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The Complete Eighth Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"Hey, that happened to Patrick once, too! He--"

"Plankton stole my clarinet, and I have to get it back!"