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Kamp Koral Episodes

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March 4, 2021
The Jellyfish Kid
Sugar Squeeze
Tag, You're It
Quest for Tire
Cabin of Curiosities
In Search of Camp Noodist
Kitchen Sponge
The Treasure of Kamp Koral
Camper Gary
Midnight Snack Attack
Hot Pearl-tato

July 22, 2021
My Fair Nobby
Gimme a News Break
Wise Kraken
Squatch Swap
The Ho! Ho! Horror!
Outhouse Outrage
Are You Afraid of the Dork?
What About Meep?
Hard Time Out
Pat's a Li'l Sinker
Camp SpongeBob
Game Night

September 30, 2022
Help Not Wanted
Camp Spirit
Sun's Out, Fun's Out
First and Last Aid
Night of the Living Stench
Camp Crossbones
The Jelly Life
Lake Crashers
Boo Light Special
Painting with Squidward
Kamp Kow

January 13, 2023
The Switch Glitch

May 26, 2023
Helter Shelter
Reveille Revolution
Prickly Pests
Are You Smarter Than a Smart Cabin?
Deep Sea Despot
The Perfect Camper
Eye of the Hotdog
Patrick Takes the Cake
The Taste of Defeat
Scaredy Squirrel
Hats Off to Space
In a Nut's Shell

Mad Science Squirrel
To Pop a Bubble
High and Dry
The Beardsman
Five Times the Fun
Low Falutin
Nut Madness
Mermaid Men and Barnacles Boys
A Tale of Two Roxies
Nite Owls
Calling Some Monsters
Dig This
Un-Breaking and De-Entering
Swimmin' Holed
Krabsy the Klown
Lords of the LARP
Mascot Mayhem
Putt Up or Shut Up
Who's Complaining?
Patrick's Star
A Finful of Sand Dollars
Cretins of the Night
The Suit Suits You
Parasite Pals
End of Summer Daze