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Narrator: Ah, Sandy Cheeks is going out of town and has asked SpongeBob and Patrick to do a little pet-sitting for her. (inside the dome are a few animals in cages and/or jars)
Patrick: Pet-sitting? Won't that hurt them? (SpongeBob and Patrick walk up to a bird cage)
Narrator: Perhaps she should have asked someone else. (Patrick whistles at the bird)
SpongeBob: Gee, Patrick, I didn't know you spoke bird.
Patrick: No, that's Italian, SpongeBob. (Sandy puts a big sack down)
Sandy: Okay boys, this here is Birdy's food. Feed him twice a day.
SpongeBob: This whole sack?
Sandy: No, just a cup's worth. (all walk over to a cricket) This here's my cricket. (the cricket makes noises) He's saying hello to you. Ain't he cute?
SpongeBob: Sorry, but I don't speak Italian.
Sandy: And this here's Snakey. (holds up the snake that has a mouse in it's belly)
SpongeBob: What's that lump in its belly?
Sandy: Well, that's his dinner. (SpongeBob pokes it) Well, I guess that's it. I gotta go. (walks off with a suitcase) See you guys in a couple of days.
SpongeBob & Patrick: Bye, Sandy! (notices the worm in a jar)
SpongeBob: (gasps) Wait, Sandy, you forgot about this pet.
Sandy: Oh, that's only Wormy. He don't need much. (walks out)
SpongeBob: Look at him Patrick, isn't he great? Hey, little fella.
Patrick: Kitchie-kitchie koo, koo.
SpongeBob: Aw look, isn't he just precious? Let's take him out to play. (cut to SpongeBob playing hide-n-seek and counting) 998... 999... 1000. Ready or not, here I come! (turns around and takes the table cover off of Patrick's head)
Patrick: You found me! (both look for Wormy, who is on a leaf)
SpongeBob & Patrick: There you are! (cut to Sponge and Pat hiding behind a tree. Wormy pops up behind it) He found us! (they laugh. Cut to a montage of events while "That's What Friends Do" plays in the background)
Patrick: Gee, SpongeBob, I don't want today to end ever.
SpongeBob: I know Patrick, days like today only come once, maybe twice in a lifetime. Savor every moment. And it's all thanks to Wormy. I made this for Wormy. (puts a 'Best Friend' ribbon on Wormy) Our new best friend. (puts Wormy back in his jar) Until tomorrow, new best friend. Don't be sad, little buddy, we'll be back first thing in the morning for frolic and fun.
Patrick: Why must the sun set on this perfect day? Sleep well, Wormy. (Patrick cries as both walk off)
SpongeBob: Aw, don't be sad, Patrick. It's only until tomorrow. (day turns into night. Ominous music plays as Wormy makes a cocoon and turns into a butterfly. Cut to dawn when SpongeBob wakes up) Here I come Wormy! (Patrick pokes his head out of SpongeBob's alarm clock)
Patrick: Me too! (both run off to Sandy's with their water helmets already on) And then we're gonna play tag and then we're gonna color and then we're gonna build a house of cards!
SpongeBob & Patrick: We're back, Wormy! Wormy, Wormy! (holds up the jar with the butterfly)
Patrick: Wormy? Where's Wormy? What's that thing?
SpongeBob: He's gotta be in here. (opens up the jar. The butterfly flies out onto SpongeBob's jar) I think something bad happened to Wormy. (the best friend ribbon is still in the jar)
Patrick: He left his "Best Friend" ribbon behind! (the butterfly flies onto SpongeBob's helmet. Cut to a real butterfly up-close. SpongeBob and Patrick scream and run behind a table) What is that thing?
SpongeBob: I don't know Patrick, but whatever it is, it must've eaten Wormy.
Patrick: Why does this keep happening to me?
SpongeBob: Quick, Patrick, we've got to make a run for the door. (they try but the butterfly flies to the door handle) He's blocking our only exit! (they hide behind a tree)
Patrick: Now what? We're trapped in here with that, that best friend eater.
SpongeBob: Let's not panic, we just have to stick together! Remember, it's two against one. Right, Patrick? Patrick? (Patrick is not there but Wormy is. SpongeBob screams) He's eaten Patrick! (jumps into a barrel to find Patrick) Patrick, you're alive!
Patrick: I am?
SpongeBob: Patrick, we can't just leave this horrible monster in Sandy's house. It might eat Sandy's other pets.
Patrick: Or worse... it might eat Sandy's pets.
SpongeBob: No, it might eat Sandy. We've got to get it out of here! (cut to SpongeBob and Patrick behind the table again when Sandy's phone rings)
Patrick: It's for you! (Wormy flies toward the jar)
SpongeBob: It's working...he's gonna answer it. (Wormy flies away. The lid on the jar closes)
Patrick: Tarter sauce. (cut to Patrick on a plate with an apple in his mouth)
SpongeBob: You look pretty appetizing, Patric. Now just stay here and wait for the monster. I'll go get the net. (when SpongeBob walks off, Wormy flies on Patrick)
Patrick: (spits out the apple) SpongeBob, hurry up with that net.
SpongeBob: Hold on, Patrick.
Patrick: I really don't taste that good, Mr. Monster. (Wormy crawls down Patrick's helmet. Patrick sees the butterfly close-up and runs off. SpongeBob runs by with the net)
SpongeBob: I'm coming, Patrick! (Patrick goes right through the net, tearing it up, and crashing into a tree. SpongeBob sees his broken net as Wormy corners him) No, Mr. Monster, please don't eat me! No, no, no! Spare me, I don't taste good, no! No, no, please! Wait a second. (takes out a bottle of bubbles and blows one to get Wormy stuck in one) Yeah! (Wormy flies out of the treedome, still in the bubble. Patrick shuts the door behind Wormy) We did it, Patrick! Sandy's gonna be so proud of us. We got that horrible monster out of her house and best of all her pets are safe. 'Cause that horrible creature is now...heading straight for the Krusty Krab! (both run off) It's going in the front. Let's use the secret entrance! (both go inside a rock and then appear inside the Krusty Krab in another rock. They gasp as Wormy flies toward Squidward and Mr. Krabs, who are taking pictures)
Squidward: Okay hold still.
Patrick: He's gonna eat Squidward and Mr. Krabs! (both jump at them)
SpongeBob: Hit the deck, Mr. Krabs!
Squidward: Say "money."
Mr. Krabs: "Money!" (Squidward takes the picture. It reveals SpongeBob and Patrick jumping on top of Mr. Krabs)
Mr. Krabs: What's the meaning of this, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: We're in serious danger. There's a monster out there.
Mr. Krabs: Is he a paying customer?
SpongeBob: Oh no, Mr. Krabs. It doesn't want to eat Krabby Patties, it wants to eat you.
Patrick: (crying) Just like it ate Wormy.
Squidward: Um, Wormy? (SpongeBob and Patrick cry)
SpongeBob: Why? Why? He was so young.
Patrick: I'll never forget you, Wormy.
Squidward: Well, if Moron Theater is over, I'm just going to take a look at this monster. (Wormy flies in a bubble) That's the monster?
Patrick: Pretty scary, huh?
SpongeBob: It's a living nightmare.
Squidward: I should have known. (walks away) Well, that's it. I'm getting off the Looney Express.
Mr. Krabs: Now just 'cause you swabs haven't seen a creature like this doesn't mean it's dangerous.
SpongeBob: We tried to warn them. I can't watch. (pushes his eyes into his head)
Squidward: Get a load of the scary monster. (laughs) Monster.
Mr. Krabs: Aw, it looks harmless.
Squidward: It's kinda cute.
Mr. Krabs: It reminds me of money.
Squidward: Monster. (both laugh until they see the butterfly up-close and personal. They both run away)
SpongeBob: Squidward?
Patrick: Mr. Krabs? (SpongeBob screams when he sees their underwear and hat only)
SpongeBob: It ate them! And there it goes! (Wormy flies out of the Krusty Krab) First Wormy, then Squidward, then Mr. Krabs! (has three finger puppets for each person) That flying monster has eaten three friends too many. We must warn the citizens! Evil has surfaced. The fate of Bikini Bottom is in our hands, Patrick. Now let's roll.
Patrick: Aye-aye, captain. (pushes a lever to make the boat sail out of the Krusty Krab. Cut to SpongeBob and Patrick on the streets)
SpongeBob: Okay, Patrick, now this is a very delicate situation. It must be treated with great care and sensitivity.
Patrick: Gotcha.
SpongeBob: Run everybody, run!
Patrick: Monster on the loose!
SpongeBob: Monster! (everyone runs away screaming. SpongeBob and Patrick give each other a thumbs up. Cut to SpongeBob and Patrick putting up a sign of the butterfly saying "Beware" when a crowd of citizens runs by screaming. Wormy flies by and SpongeBob and Patrick hide in the bucket of glue and bounce off. Cut to SpongeBob inflating a balloon but then inhales the air in the balloon so he can float in the sky)
Patrick: (using a megaphone) Attention, Bikini Bottom! There's a flying monster that's going to eat you! (everyone screams and runs away. Cut to SpongeBob waving his arms and pointing at Wormy flying by. The whole town is on fire)
A. Realistic Fish Head: Attention, attention! This just in. (TV shows a real butterfly) A giant monster is attacking Bikini Bottom. (a man watching the announcement swallows his eyes and has them appear in his mouth when he screams. He runs through the wall)
SpongeBob: We did it Patrick! We saved the city. Just think what might of happened if we didn't tell everyone about the monster.
Patrick: About the what? (just then, Wormy flies by. SpongeBob, Patrick, and everyone else runs away from Wormy but they still being chased all over town by the butterfly no matter where they go. Just then, a bus drops off Sandy)
Sandy: Shoot! Looks like a twister hit this place. Where is everybody? (Wormy flies by) Oh, hey there Wormy. (puts him in a jar) You weren't supposed to change till I got back. That oughta hold ya, little guy. (everyone runs up to Sandy) Howdy, SpongeBob.
SpongeBob: Sandy caught the monster! (everyone cheers and picks up SpongeBob and Sandy and bring them into town)
Sandy: I didn't know I'd be missed so much. Golly, maybe I should go out of town more often.