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Plankton's Devised Plan

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

Cameron Diaz: If we gave out an award for egotistical, one-eyed sea creatures, this guy would be a lock. Check out what Plankton, from the upcoming SpongeBob, has to say.
Plankton: I, Plankton, with my superior intellect, devised a plan to crush the Krusty Krab once and for all. If people won't come to The Chum Bucket, I will bring The Chum Bucket to the people! Behold the receptacle of your doom, Mr. Krabs! (evil laugh. Then ground shakes) Wait, this isn't... (gets thrown into the screen) mommy! (pan out to Serena Williams)
Waiter: Your water, Serena.
Serena Williams: (takes a sip then spits it out) Who put sea monkeys in my drink? (pours the water in the plant Plankton yells) What was that? Did you hear that?