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It Came From Goo Lagoon

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Typed By: SquidBox

(fish walking in Goo Lagoon licking icecream)
SpongeBob and Patrick: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...........
(Both are laughing and playing in the waves)
Uh oh.
(big wave comes and both get splashed)
(SpongeBob breathes in deeply)
Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Yes, Patrick.
Patrick: Do you know how to swim?
SpongeBob: No.
Patrick: Me neither.
SpongeBob: Hmmm... I wonder why we're not sinking to the bottom of Goo Lagoon.
Patrick: Uuuhhh...
SpongeBob: Patrick, you're floating!
Patrick: Ooh...
Patrick: Hey you're floating too! What happened?
SpongeBob: These weird bubbles saved us!
Patrick: It's all purple, and sticky
SpongeBob: And it's really stretchy! It's some kind of goo bubble.
Patrick: Well the smell makes my nose tickle.
Patrick: Hahaha, hey it bounces!
(both smile and bounce on the bubble laughing)
(Patrick bounces on a guy)
(SpongeBob bounces on a surfer and surfer falls)
(Patrick bounces on the same surfer)
(Patrick bounces and smashes a pyramid of people riding a skate on a speedboat)
Plankton: Chum! Get your red-hot chum here!
What's the deal? According to my algorithm, Beach goers should be banished and looking for a treat! A treat like chum, hello? It's perfectly edible, people!
(a stick smashes Plankton's chum cart)
Plankton: 'Aw, come on man! This is my livelihood!
Squidward: Aaah... A beautiful day beachside.
I couldn't think of a thing that could ruin this.
Plankton: I could think of with you.
(Squidward grabs tan lotion and puts it in his nose and grabs reflector)
Squidward: Ay, it's blocking my light.
SpongeBob: Aaah!!! (laughs and falls on Squidward running)
Squidward: SpongeBob... Aaaahhh!!!
(Patrick falls on Squidward)
Plankton: Aah, sweet coma! It cam come from the most bone-headed of places. Wait a second, what are those bouncing blobs of goo?
(SpongeBob and Patrick bouncing and laughing)
Squidward: Hold it! What I wanna know is why you two have ruined my attempts of having an even tan!
SpongeBob: Oh, sorry Squidward, we're riding on these goo bubbles. They're floating on Goo Lagoon.
(strange robot emerges and walks out of the water and to the shore and every one screams)
(robot opens and reveals Sandy)
Sandy: Yaaah!!!
Sandy: Those bubbles are DANGEROUS!
Plankton: Dangerous?
SpongeBob: Fascinating. Tell us mo.
Patrick: Yeah, but with visual aids.
Sandy: Okay...
(opens projector screen)
Sandy: My scientific investigations has revealed that deep beneath the lagoon floor is a volcanic packet of super goo. A crack has formed, releasing bubbles of goo to the surface, which are toxic, and very unstable. At any moment, it could lose its integrity and BOOM! It'll explode!
Plankton: That rodent's right! A giant goo bubble could really level the plain field! If someone were able to control it's power, they control all of Bikini Bottom! And I'm gonna be that someone!
(pushes button to open a tiny secret elevator for Plankton!)
(clam-jet rises from ground and flies, then crashes to ocean)
SpongeBob: It's so gooey!
(Patrick inserts goo in mouth)
Patrick: I could put it in my mouth! Like purple liquid.
Squidward: You idiots, that goo is dangerous! Weren't you two morons listening?
Patrick: (nods head) Noo... Squidward, I gooped it all
SpongeBob: Look at all the cool stuff you can do, you can make a hat, or a beard
Patrick: Or an awesome toupee.
Squidward: Toupee? You mean, hair?
(Squidward smiles and gets some of the goo and puts it in his head)
Squidward: How do I look?
Sandy: What is wrong with you people? That goo can destroy everything!
Patrick: Seems safe to me.
Sandy: That's what they said about microwave ovens, dry cleaning, and corn dogs!
SpongeBob: See you later Sandy!
Patrick: Yeah, these goo bubbles won't bounce themselves!
Sandy: You have been warned!
(bubbles transition)
(two fish playing volleyball)
(sinks and falls into the Goo Lagoon ocean)
Fish 1: Aw, man. We're gonna get another ball!
SpongeBob: Why not try a goo bubble?
Fish 2: Thanks!
Fish 2: Hey, it sticks like glue! Go long!
(Fish 2 throws goo bubble, sticks, gets stuck, and falls into the water with the bubble)
Fish 2: Awesome! I still got it! I wish I could swim.
Fish 3: It's so hot.
(SpongeBob and Pat make a goo-umbrella)
Fish 3: Whoa, it's so cooling! Thanks goo!
Squidward: Thanks goo!
Fish 2: Thanks goo! (bubbles appear)
Everyone: THANKS GOO!
Newsfish: And now we go to Perch Perkins at the scene!
Perch: That's right! Perch Perkins at Goo Lagoon, bringing you the latest on the Super Goo event. (talking to SpongeBob) What do you think of Super Goo, young man?
SpongeBob: I'm on TV! (smiling)
Perch: And you sir, what's your opinion?
Perch: Uuh... sir?
Patrick: S'awesome.
Perch: That's great. Let's get some comments from some other beach goers.
Sandy: I have a comment, super goo is evil! Stay in your homes!
(Perch pulls away mic from Sandy)
Perch: Yes, siree! The goo bubbles certainly are getting the folks excited.
(cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick)
SpongeBob and Patrick: We sure are excited!
(bubbles transition)
Plankton: I can't find this thing anywhere! Come on now, think Plankton. If you were a giant bubble of dangerous goo, where'd you be?
Karen: Sheldon:
Karen: This ship wasn't designed to reach these depths.
Plankton: That's great, sweetheart.
Karen: If you continue the search much longer your power supply will deplete and you'll sink.
Plankton: Alright, Karen, I'll make sure I'll write that down in my book titled "Insignificant Things My Wife Told Me".
Karen: Whatever! Go get stuck at the bottom of Goo Lagoon. It's your funeral.
Plankton: What did you say?
Karen: I said, go get stuck to the bottom of Goo Lagoon.
Plankton: That's it, Karen! The goo bubble must be stuck at the bottom! We just have to get down there! Karen, cut the power to the entire ship.
(power cuts and ship sinks)
Plankton: (laughing) Look, there it is! Karen, fire up the engine power.
With my mechanical clam dogger, I'll crack open this goo-cano easy as a clam, which is what it was built for or so. You know, that makes sense.
Hihahahiha! (uses mechanical clam to open crack) Yes, Yes! Bubble forth, my gooey wrath! And now to get the ding-dong outta here!
SpongeBob: Look! Giant goo bubble!
(Sandy emerges from sand)
Sandy: See, I told ya (hyperventilating) Run for your lives!
Patrick: Sandy's really getting out of hand.


Perch: This is Perch Perkins live from Goo Lagoon where I'm standing in front of what appears to be a gigantic goo bubble. Rising out of the water, into the water.
With me is Sandy Cheeks.
Miss Cheeks, as Bikini Bottom's resident know-it-all, we look to you for answers. Who-What-How-Why-When?
Sandy: Well, Perch, I won't really know anything until I run some tests but I can tell you, it is pretty serious. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get going.
Perch: Oh, yes. Oh, of course!
(Perch jumps into the water)
Perch: This is Perch Perkins and I'm soaking wet. Back to you!
SpongeBob: Whoa, it's so big!
Sandy: That things a Texas-sized bubble.
First, we'll check it's tensile string, tight as a drum.
Patrick: Ooh, I wanna play the drum!
Sandy: No, Patrick don't! That thing's volatile! There's no telling what kind of damage it will cause if it pops!
Patrick: Oh fine! I don't need that stick anyways!
(uses head as stick and bounces, lands into the water)
Sandy: Come on, guys, we still have more test to perform. I need a sample. Be darlin' and hand me that darn bucket.
Patrick: (smiles and points the bucket in SpongeBob's butt)
Sandy: (grabs bucket, attaches to stick then gets sample) Okay, SpongeBob, put a little of that gloop in this analyzer.
(analyzer spits out goo then breaks down and prints out a piece of paper)
Sandy: This is worse than I thought!
SpongeBob: Look, Sandy!
(SpongeBob and P laughing)
Sandy: How many times do I have to tell you that stuff's dangerous! Now how y'all gonna clean up gulk of?
SpongeBob: Oh yeah. Gross. Good thing I keep a spare set of hands.
Patrick: Oh yeah!
SpongeBob: I have a better idea!
(blows bubbles into Patrick's hands)
Patrick: Ooh... They shine!
Sandy: Well, it seems to have stabilized. As long as it doesn't get any bigger there's not too much to worry about.
(goo bubble gets bigger)
Sandy: That ain't good.
(All three scream and fall in to water then lands into shore)
Perch: So Miss Cheeks, What's the prognosis?
Sandy: Well, Perch, it's my considered opinion that feeling good time,... RUN LIKE HECK!!!
Perch: Well there you have it. This is Perch Perkins about to be swallowed by a giant wave.
(static screen then beeping no signal)
(everyone screaming)
Patrick: I'll catch up I gotta use the cab.
(SpongeBob trips on rock)
SpongeBob: Ow....
(Sandy pulls SpongeBob out): Ugh....
Sandy: Whew! That was a close one!
Patrick: Help! Help! HEELP!!! I'm out of toilet paper in here!
SpongeBob: Look out!
Patrick: Aaahhh!!!
SpongeBob: Hang on, buddy, just a little bit more...
Gotcha! (pulling) I don't gotcha!
Patrick: Help!
SpongeBob: Now what do we do?
Sandy: We need to get to my submarine, fast!
Squidward it's an emergency! I'm gonna need your bike!
(enters Sandy's house)
Squidward: She should think that the sky is falling!
I am going to learn keeping my big mouth shut.
Patrick: Aaah!!!! Umh! Hellody, SpongeBlob!
I'm so glad you could "stick" around!
Sandy: Hold on, Patrick, we're here to rescue you!
Patrick: Go rescue somebody else! Can't you see I'm playing with my friend SpongeBlob? Don't worry, I'll never leave you.
Wha? No!!!! Bye, SpongeBlob!
Hey SpongeBob, Hey Sandy!
SpongeBob: What do we do now, Sandy? That thing is headed for downtown Bikini Bottom!
Sandy: If that thing pops, we could kiss our beautiful town goodbye!
(Bikini Bottomites kissing Bikini Bottom goodbye)
(everyone running and screaming)
Wedding Attenders: Yaaay!!!!!!
HuSpongeBoband Fish: Help me, my beloved.
Wife Fish: Don't touch me, you disgusting freak!
(cries) My dress is ruined!
Baby Fish: (laughs) Mommy goopy! (goop falls on baby)
Fish 4: Aaah!!!
Fish 5: Phew!!! )full of trash)
SpongeBob: Oh no, it's heading for Neptune's Trident!
Sandy: I'm afraid it might come to this, in order to save the city, we must destroy public property!
SpongeBob: Uh, Sandy? Why do you have missiles in your sub?
Sandy: You know, in case I get stuck in traffic.
Here it goes! (blows up) Darn it!
(screaming) huh?
SpongeBob: That's weird. It's like that bubble has a mind of it's own!
Sandy: Or the mind of someone else!
Plankton: That's me!
Sandy: What're you all up to this time?
Plankton: That's for me to know and you to clam up!
SpongeBob: Hugh! Rude!
Plankton: Let's just say I've got big plans for this little bubble. (laughing) Now of you'll excuse me, I have to gee.
(chase montage plays)
Sandy: Dang it, we'll never catch him at this rate.
Plankton: They'll never catch me at this rate! Yeow!
Sandy: Oh no you don't! Come here you little vermin! You. Stay. Right. There. Yippee! We got him now!
Plankton: That's right, come to papa.
Sandy: When we get you outta there, you got some explaining to do!
Patrick: Hey again, SpongeBob!
Sandy: We got you surrounded, Plankton! Now come out with your antenna in the air!
Plankton: Oh dear, I guess you got me, oh wait a second, NO YOU DON'T!
Sandy: Retreat! Retreat!
Plankton: Aw, don't go so soon! I hope you brought your dancing shoes! 'Cause it's time to do the electric goo boogaloo!
(the three get electrocuted then fall)
Patrick: Good thing we landed on SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Yeah, good thing.
Sandy: Plankton, you creepy bacteria, give me back my sub!
(sub falls and breaks)
(Sandy gasps) MY SUB!
SpongeBob: There, there, Sandy.
Patrick: Plankton! You're a big meanie-weanie! You won't be such a tough guy without that big goo bubble!
SpongeBob: Tough guy? Bubble? Patrick! Eureka! Inspiration!
Patrick: Inspiration? Really? Do I need deodorant?
SpongeBob: No, but you're close. What we need is liquid soap. It's time to fight bubble with bubble.
Patrick: Bubbles. That's your answer to everything.
Mr. Krabs: Thank you, come again! Hey, who turned out the lights? (looks up)
Plankton: Hello, down there Krabs! Look, I brought you a pretty balloon! And you can give me the Krabby Patty secret formula!
Mr. Krabs: Why in the world would I wanna do that?
Plankton: 'Cause if you don't, I'm gonna pop this disgusting thing and destroy Bikini Bottom! As you can see, I projected the blast radius on this goo-bamic balloon, and it's pretty much gonna cover everything in town!
Mr. Krabs: Oh, yeah? Well, I can see nothing from down here!
Plankton: Oh yeah, well look again you dinggit!
(drops monitor)
Mr. Krabs: I won't be blackmailed! There's no way I'm giving you my secret formula!
Plankton: You heard him, Bikini Bottom! It's time to kiss good bye!
SpongeBob: Hey you! Yeah you! Hold it right there, mister!
Plankton: Hugh, not again.
SpongeBob: Prepare to meet your match you big bubble bully!
Plankton: Well this is first thing, let's see where it goes.
Sandy: Thank Neptune for the Barg-N-Mart Folk Discount!
Plankton: Uh oh!
Patrick: Whoo! Oh yay, get up you big bubble loser!
Plankton: Okay, where were we. Oh yeah.
SpongeBob: There goes a real hero. He gave his life so we could stay clean!
(rises to space and plays The Blue Danube Waltz)
SpongeBob: Oh no, he's coming back!
Sandy: And he's heading right for us!
(bubble roars)
Plankton: That's it, no more messing around!
Give me that formula or I'll destroy the town!
Mr. Krabs: But I don't wanna!
Fish 5: You better do what he says, or else we'll tear your restaurant apart and give it to him myself!
Fish 6: Yeah!
Fish 7: I just washed my car!
Fish 6: Yeah!
Mr. Krabs: (grunts) Okay, I'll do it.
(gives formula)
Mr. Krabs: Here, I hope you choke on it.
Plankton: I can't believe it, after all these years, it's mine! I'm so happy, I could just burst this bubble that it's.
Plankton: (laughing and bubble explodes)
SpongeBob: That dirty little double timer.
Mr. Krabs: Don't worry, he's about to get what's coming to him!
Plankton: Now let's see what's inside the Krabby Patty!
Just one ingredient: Darn it, Krabs!
(TNT explodes)
Plankton: Ow.
Mr. Krabs: (laughs)
Sandy: I don't see what you're so gold-darn happy about, this is a catastrophe!
Mr. Krabs: Well, darn it is like this. Well, darn it is like this: When you see disaster, I see dollar signs.
So SpongeBob, do you have any of those bubble soap left?
(bubble transition)
Mr. Krabs: Please have your money ready! Thank you! Right this way.
SpongeBob: See Patrick? Bubbles ARE the answer to everything.