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Extreme Spots

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Typed By: CowBob RanchPants

(The scene starts out at Sand Mountain. Cut to SpongeBob shoveling sand in his swim trucks and Patrick's body underneath the sand).
SpongeBob: A little more sand... (he pats his sand castle with his shovel) Pat. Pat. Pat. (and then he pats Patrick's head with it) Pat. Pat. Pat. Patrick! Check it out, a exact replica of the Krusty Krab. (He gestures to his KK sand sculpture and pulls out miniature sand made Krabby Patty from it's doors.) One sandy patty, extra grit. (He tosses it into Patrick's mouth.)
Patrick: A bit dry and flavorless. I'll take two dozen.
Fred: Hey everyone, the Drastic Radicals are tearing it up on Sand Mountain.
(A crowd rushes over and knocks down SpongeBob's sand castles in between.)
SpongeBob: Hey, let's check it out.
Patrick: Um, could you give me a hand?
SpongeBob: Sure thing buddy.
(SpongeBob puts his fingers in Patrick's mouth to whistle and the rest of Patrick's body walks up on the screen. It picks up Patrick's head and the two walk over to the next scene where a crowd is in front of them).
Patrick: I can't see anything.
SpongeBob: Allow me.
(SpongeBob tugs on somebody's braided hair and the crowd splits in half where SB and Patrick can see the action now. A canon shoots out Johnny Krill as the crowd gasps. Johnny does a move in the air on top of the Sand Mountain he landed on with a motorcycle and goes down the mountain).
Johnny Krill: Yeeeeeeeeeeeah! Hahaha! Woo!
(He swirls around it. SpongeBob and Patrick's eyes are moving with this motion. We cut back to Johnny Krill and now Not Dead Ted who's on a hang glider just above the mountain. He swirls around it too with Johnny).
SpongeBob and Patrick: Wow. Woah. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.
(SpongeBob uses his eyes like binoculars to catch a better look at Not Dead Ted. Ted pulls a string on his hang glider and trumpets play.)
SpongeBob: *gasp* Look out!
(Everyone scatters off the scene but Grand Maul Granny stays).
Not Dead Ted: Wahahahaha!
(Not Dead Ted swoops up Grand Maul with his feet and continues flying.)
SpongeBob: Someone help that poor little old lady.
Grandmaul Granny: Help yourselves nimrods.
(She puts on a helmet and has a shell board as Ted drops her off the top of the mountain. She slides down and does a few flips in the air. Cut the scene back to Patrick and he rips off his head. He licks his brain like an ice cream cone. Grand Maul lands into a canon and blasts off, crashing into flying Ted. Ted merges from the puff of smoke with another flying device.)
Not Dead Ted: Wahoahahaha!
(Cut back to Johnny Krill who's riding his motorcycle on the ground now. His name appears on the screen as do the others when they arrive on their devices.)
Announcer: Johnny Krill. Not Dead Ted. Grand Maul Granny.
(The three crash into each other. They're all standing there as two wrecking balls bare their names behind them).
Announcer: Drastic! Radicals! The Drastic Radicals.
(Cut back to SpongeBob and Patrick.)
Patrick: Did you see that? (He grabs onto SpongeBob's eyeballs and snaps them back into his head.)
SpongeBob and Patrick: What was that?
(A random background fancy fish appears next to them.)
Fancy fish: Why those are the Drastic Radicals. The number partitioners of extreme sports. (He sips his tea.)
SpongeBob and Patrick: Extreme what?
Fancy fish: Extreeeme Sppppports. (While saying this, his accent makes it out to where it sounds like "spots" instead of "sports".)
Patrick: Extreme spots? Well that's not fair. You're already covered in spots. (He gestures to SpongeBob.) Oh, hold on a sec. (Patrick goes over to a hive of jellyfish, knocks it off the plant it's hanging on and it lands on his head. He slams his head against the tree and causes the hive to break, revealing the jellyfish inside who sting him.) Okay, let's go meet our new heroes.
(Cut to the next scene where the laughing Drastic Radicals are playing kickball with Grand Maul Granny. SpongeBob and Patrick walk into the scene.)
SpongeBob: We want to join your extreme spots team. As you can see we are also covered head to toe in the most extreme spots.
Patrick: And itchy spots.
(The three laugh at SpongeBob and Patrick).
Johnny Krill: Sto-ap. Ha. Ha. Extreme "Spots". Ohohoho. It's extreme "sports" not "spots". So you want to be a Drastical. Let's see what you got little dude. (He gestures to his motorcycle).
SpongeBob walking over to the motorcycle: No problemo, I guess you just hop up like this- (he grabs the handles and the motorcycle runs off with SpongeBob's hands. SpongeBob chases after it.) Hey come back. (His hands make the motorcycle go faster, turn around and pick up SpongeBob as he screams. He hits some sand hills before coming back to Johnny with a mouth full of sand.) Blegh. (He falls over).
(The next scene cuts to Grand Maul Granny and Patrick on top of a hill. Patrick is wearing a helmet and had a sand board.)
Grand Maul: Ahahahaheheh! Your turn fat boy.
Patrick: Hey, how did we get up here?
(Grand Maul Granny pushes him off the mountain and Patrick does all sorts of failing moves with his sand board. He slides down and crashes. The scene has SpongeBob and Patrick walk up to the Drasticals with injuries on Patrick).
Johnny Krill: Our sports are too extreme for you dudes. Maybe we should start you two on something easier. What games do you dudes like to play?
SpongeBob: Oh, I know. How about a little something called jump rope? (He pulls one out).
Johnny Krill: Jump rope eh? Demonstrate.
SpongeBob: Are you ready Patrick? On your mark, get set, jump rope.
Patrick: Extreme! (SpongeBob holds the rope as Patrick jumps.) Hey. Who's holding the other end?
SpongeBob: I am of course. (The other end of the rope reveals SpongeBob there too). Hi Patrick.
Patrick: Duh. (Patrick pulls out a harmonica for a tune and starts to sing.) My best friend is SpongeBob.
SpongeBob: Sing it.
Patrick: He has a square head.
SpongeBob: Yeah!
Patrick: I try his clothes on when he's asleep in bed.
SpongeBob: Wow- what?
Patrick: It's weird my face is leaking.
SpongeBob: Your face isn't leaking. Your just sweating from all the exercise.
Patrick: Exercise?! (He grabs the rope.) Ew I didn't sign up for this. Ooh! (He passes out).
SpongeBob: Extreme!
(Scene goes back to Johnny as they walk up again to him.)
Johnny Krill: Dude, that was not extreme. Now let the Drasticals show you how it's done. Grab it Granny. (Another scene, Grand Maul Granny bites the end of the rope and Johnny holds the other. Not Dead Ted runs up and jumps into the air, landing only his tongue on the rope. He jumps into the air).
Not Dead Ted: Drasticals. Wooooo! (He lands on the ground and jump ropes, the ground steaming up as he does so.)
Johnny Krill: Kick it up a notch.
(Ted goes faster and catches on fire.
He flies up into the air still on fire.)

Not Dead Ted: Yeah! (A plane hits him.) Waahblarbab! (He crashes into the ground and turns into ash.)
Johnny Krill: Yeah. You see? Extreme sports should be explosive. Boom!
SpongeBob: Explosive huh? I know just the thing. (SpongeBob pulls out his bubble soap. He blows a bubble and it pops.) Boom!
Patrick: Pow!
SpongeBob: Kazam!
Patrick: Blooe!
SpongeBob: Woosh!
Patrick: Biff!
SpongeBob: Impressed?
Drasticals: No.
Johnny Krill: Look dudes to be extreme, you gotta go bigger. Show them Drasticals.
(We go to Grand Maul Granny who sets a bubble out of a giant bubble soap bottle and wand on a stunt ramp.)
Johnny Krill: Watch this. (He goes up the ramp and into the bubble. Inside it he rides through downtown Bikini Bottom as citizens take notice.)
Harold: Holy chum.
(Johnny crashes into a few things as people run away. He hits a building named "Bikini Bottom Heavy Industries and makes it fall on top of him.)
Johnny Krill: Extreme. (Johnny digs his way back to everyone). Hup! Now that's how do you extreme. Do you understand?
SpongeBob: I think so. Is fighting extreme?
Johnny Krill: Fighting is totally extreme.
(Bubbles appear on the screen and cut us to a scene where SpongeBob is inside a boxing match. Patrick dressed as a referee sets down a pillow.)
Patrick: I want a clean fight. I don't want to see any trash laying around. (Patrick picks up a bell but hits his head instead of it with a mallet).
(SpongeBob makes punching movements towards the pillow. He spins, hits the rope of the arena and falls down with the pillow on his head.)
Patrick: Ooooh. We give up. Uh, fling. (Patrick throws a handkerchief and it hits SpongeBob in the face. He walks up to SpongeBob.) That was close.
Johnny Krill from outside the arena: Not so fast. That's not fighting. (He comes up inside and starts body slams into the pillow. He picks it up and puts it in a washing machine. He puts the setting on "rinse".)
SpongeBob: No, it's dry clean only.
(Johnny breaks the washing machine apart and picks it up. He hits and throws it at a bed outside the arena.)
Pillow: Avenge me. Oh!
Patrick: *gasp*
SpongeBob: Brutal.
(The bed comes alive too and has a face now. He looks at the pillow.)
Bed: Charlie. Grrr. (The bed jumps into the arena with Johnny and pounds him down.)
SpongeBob: Oh!
Patrick: Even more brutal.
(Johnny Krill walks up with injuries to SpongeBob and Patrick).
Johnny Krill: Now that's extreme dudes. You think you're starting to get it?
SpongeBob and Patrick: Oh yeah.
Johnny Krill: So what else you got?
SpongeBob: Hmm, there is one sport Patrick is an expert at.
Patrick: Dumpster diving!
(Bubbles appear on the screen again as the we see Patrick pulling up a dumpster to everyone. Patrick pulls out a swimming cap and splashes into the dumpster.)
SpongeBob: Hey!
Johnny Krill: That's not extreme.
(Patrick coughs up a dirty toothbrush.)
Patrick: Oh how revolting. (He brushes his teeth with it). Brush. Brush. Brush. Brush.
Johnny Krill: Okay, that's kinda extreme. Not bad. But the Drasticals will show you how it's done.
(Not Dead Ted wheels up a high diving board with Grand Maul Granny on it to the dumpster.)
Grand Maul Granny: Okay. Artificial hip don't fail me now. (She does a flip in the air.)
SpongeBob and Patrick: Ooooh.
(She makes a deep splash into the dumpster.)
Grand Maul Granny: Ahahaha!
(Johnny Krill drives up in a dumpster truck and picks up the dumpster with her still in it. He throws the trash and her into a trash crusher. It turns it into a square and Johnny puts it on the ground. Grand Maul pops out of it unharmed.)
Grand Maul: Extreme!
Patrick: That is one tough elderly person.
Johnny Krill: Dudes, that was awesome. What other crazy sports do you two play?
SpongeBob: Well there is a very extremely extreme sport we play if you're up to it.
(Bubbles transition the screen to Jellyfish Fields. SpongeBob and Patrick are giggling as they try to catch jellyfish.)
Patrick: Hey, where are the Drasticals? Here they come.
Johnny Krill: Aw yeahahaha!
(Johnny Krill rides his motorcycle while catching jellyfish with his net. Ted catches some on his hang-glider).
Grand Maul Granny: Ahahaha!
(Grand Maul rides on a bunch of jellyfish and gets some too).
SpongeBob: Wow.
Patrick: Amazing.
Johnny Krill: Jellyfishing, yeah. (A jellyfish lands inside his mouth and stings him. While Ted flies into a giant jellyfish and gets stung himself. The giant jellyfish throws him out and he falls as all three Drasticals collide in an explosion. The next scene shows them with SB/Pat covered in stings.)
Johnny Krill: Dudes, now we get it. These spots are waaay extreme.
Not Dead Ted: And itchy.
(The fancy fish randomly walks onto screen.)
Fancy Fish: As you can see extreme spots are the direct by product of the most extreme sports. (He sips his tea again).
Patrick: Who is that guy?