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For Here or To Go

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Typed By: PinheadLarry

(Episode starts in the Krusty Krab)
(SpongeBob is seen playing a horn)
Customer 1: A horn
Customer 2: What will happen next?
(Mr. Krabs comes out of his office and the lights slowly turn off)
Mr. Krabs: Atten- (Mr. Krabs gets angry because SpongeBob interrupted him, then
Mr. Krabs stops him from playing the horn)
Attention Krusty Krab patriots, behold.
(Mr. Krabs pulls a courtin and reveals a jar full of seeds)
Customer 1: Its a jar of seeds!
Customer 2: Fancy
Mr. Krabs: Today only, the Krusty Krab presents, our first annual bun seeds guessing contest
Guess how many seeds are in the jar, and win a fff (Mr. Krabs cant say the word "free") Sorry, fff-
Im trying, ffff-
(SpongeBob comes and slaps him,) Free Krabby Patty! (Everybody gets surprised)
Step right up, guess right and win! (Mr. Krabs whispers to SpongeBob) They will never guess it
Customer 1: Three?
Mr. Krabs: No, next please.
(The yellow customer looks the jar through many angles)
Yellow customer: 42?
Mr. Krabs: No
(An orange customer smells the jar)
Orange customer: Billons and billons?
Mr. Krabs: No
(An gray customer puts the jar in her mouth, then she spits it)
Gray customer: Blue?
Mr. Krabs: No.
Old man: Mermaidman?
Mr. Krabs: (Facepalm) Thats not even a number.
Plankton: Hey, i have a guess
Mr. Krabs: Plankton, you dont get to guess
(Mr. Krabs grabs Plankton and brings him out of his restaurant)
Plankton: Hey, what, you cant do that, is not fair
Mr. Krabs: Oh im sorry, but is my restaurant and i can do what i please, besides
i know you'll try analize the patty and get my secret formula
(Mr. Krabs brings Plankton to his mouth, then he blows him like bubble gum, then he sends him
to the Chum Bucket)

Plankton: You'll pay for this Krabs, im calling the the Bogus Business Bureau.
Mr. Krabs: Yeah, right, like if they even took your call. (Mr. Krabs enters the Krusty Krab)
(Plankton takes a phone and calls the Bogus Business Bureau)
Operator Bogus Business Bureau
Plankton: Hello, yes, i have a complaint
Mr. Krabs:(Laughs) That Plankton, cracks me up, as if Bogus Business Bureau cared about my dumb
(Some muscular fish enter through the ceiling, then a fish in a chair falls from above the ceiling
and falls above Squidward)

Agent Twerp: I am Agent Twerp of the Bogus Business Bureau (Walks to Mr. Krabs) are you the propieter
of this stablishment?
Mr. Krabs: Eh... No, he's out of town
SpongeBob: Oh dont be modest Mr. Krabs, (Looks to Agent Twerp) he's responsible for everything at the
Krusty Krab
Mr. Krabs: Hehehe, new trainee.
Agent Twerp: According to the article 57 of the grease spoon code any fast food contest must be
open to all customers, no matter how diminutive or annoying.
Plankton: (Comes out of Agent Twerp's suit.) And im both of these!, you'll have to let me guess
now Krabs!
Mr. Krabs: I wont do it, and you cant make me (raspberry)
Agent Twerp: If you refuse, (Agent Twerp takes a tape that says "closed") i'll shut down the Krusty Krab
Mr. Krabs: Ow, fine
Plankton: This round goes to Plankton! (laughs)
(Plankton jumps to the barrell)
Spongebon: Goly, Mr. Krabs, what if Plankton guesses right and he gets a, krabby patty
Mr. Krabs: Dont worry, that nitpicking Plankton doesnt stand a chance
(Plankton puts a gadget in his face, then he takes out a calculator)
Plankton: There are exactly five hundred thousand, three hundred
Mr. Krabs: (Gasps) (scared) Oh, he's getting close.
Plankton: And one!
Mr. Krabs: (Laughs) Wrong! (Mr. Krabs points to Plankton) its five hundred thousand
three hundred and none, you are one over the mark,you lose.(Laughs)
Agent Twerp: Hold on, its not official unless you count them
Plankton: (Laughs) Yeah!
(Title card appears)
Narrator: A lot of boring math later...
Mr. Krabs: Five hundred thousand two hundred ninty eight, five hundred thousand two hundred ninty nine
Five hundred thousand three hundred (Mr. Krabs looks to the jar, and the camera shows the jar is empty, then Mr. Krabs laughs)
Plankton: Yeah, (raspberry)
SpongeBob: Hold on, (grabs the lid of the jar) There is something on the lid, you
missed one bun seed Mr. Krabs, (grabs the bun seed that was in the jar) (sadly)
Plankton. Was. Right (SpongeBob cuts in two)
Plankton: Yes!
Agent Twep: I now command you to give Mr Plankton his prize
Plankton: You heard it Krabs, give me a Krabby Patty
Mr. Krabs: I cant.
Plankton: What?
(Agent Twerp takes a tape that says "closed")
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob.... needs to clean the grill first
SpongeBob: I cleaned it this morning.
Mr. Krabs: Doesnt your spatula need a aligne or something.
SpongeBob: No, she's perfectly aligne
Mr. Krabs: Drats your efficency, eh... oh yeah! i cant serve your patty
until after the show!
Plankton: Which show?
(Mr. Krabs runs to the poster about the free Krabby Patty, then he takes out a marker
and writes "and a show")

Mr. Krabs The show that comes with the free Krabby Patty (Mr. Krabs shows Plankton
the poster, then he spits the marker top)
Plankton: Oh come on!
(Agent Twerp checks the poster)
Agent Twerp: It clearly says "and a show", i'll allow it.
Plankton: Drats!
(Camera shows Mr. Krabs is cutting wood, then the camera shows
that Mr. Krabs is sewing a purple curtain, then the camera shows him

Plankton: Is this part of "the show"?
Mr. Krabs: No, this isnt part of the show
Agent Twerp: Mmm Such lovely filigree, wouldn't you agree?
(A puppet appears in the scenario that Mr. Krabs builded)
SpongeBob: (Runs to see the show) Puppets!
Mr. Krabs: Once upon a time, there was a happy patty laddy, lalalalala (the
puppet walks through the scenario)
he was loved by all the good hearted people
of the world (Mr. Krabs hides the puppet) Alast, there also
a villian in the story, (Takes out a puppet that looks like Plankton) by the name of Plank Lanton
SpongeBob: Booo!
Mr. Krabs: So one day, when the Lad was minding in his own bussiness,
(Takes out the puppet that looks like Plankton again) Plankton struck and took a huge
bite to the patty's face (The Plankton puppet bites the Patty's face and the Patty runs through
the scenario and a ketchup bottle appears and throws ketchup to the Patty, then SpongeBob makes
a sad face and the ketchup falls to SpongeBob,Agent Twerp and Plankton)

Plankton: Okay! we got it already!
Mr. Krabs: Unfortunately for Flankton, the Patty didnt sit well
(The patty puppet appears dressed as a angel),and he, was so evil, it caused him
to bloat so fierce (The Plankton puppet inflates) And eventually, he pop! (Mr. Krabs pops the puppet) the end
Plankton: Bravo, bravo (Plankton applauses slowly), why does the puppet get to eat a Krabby Patty and
i dont? and why you arent in the kitchen cooking my Krabby Patty?
Mr. Krabs: Alright SpongeBob, we cant stall him any longer, make it a good one laddy, its maybe the last
patty you'll ever cook
SpongeBob: Alright sir, (SpongeBob cries and goes to the kitchen,then Squidward comes)
Mr. Krabs (whispering to Squidward) Psst, i got a plan, you keep that blasted bureacrat busy
(Mr. Krabs sends Squidward to Agent Twerp)
Squidward: Excuse me Mr Agent sir, while we're waiting, i'll want to direct your attention
to.... oh... the many code violations you'll find if you head this way, its a death trap
(Mr. Krabs goes to the kitchen and grabs all the buns, then he goes to the bathroom and
puts all the buns in the toilet, then a brown fish comes out and washes his hands, then
the brown fish hears Mr. Krabs and gets scared)

Mr. Krabs: Here we go, Oh, that takes care of that (Mr. Krabs goes out of the bathroom and looks at his clock)
3.... 2.... 1... (SpongeBob opens the kitchen door)
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs!
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs! its awful, we are all out of buns!
Mr. Krabs: No. Buns? Drats the luck
Green fish: Bun delivery for the Krusty Krab, where do you want us to put these buns?
SpongeBob: Ha, good thing i ordered extra buns, the, contest. (Mr. Krabs crosses arms)
(SpongeBob starts to play a trumpet, and Squidward and Mr. Krabs are pushing a table with a
Krabby Patty)

Plankton: Finally (Plankton jumps to the table) At long last, the Krabby Patty is mine!
go ahead and wrap it up sir, i'll have it to go
SpongeBob: One, Krabby Patty to go (SpongeBob puts the Krabby Patty in a bag),here you are
Mr. Krabs: Woah, no you dont. you'll have to eat it at the premises, thats the rules
(Mr. Krabs shows the poster to Plankton)
Plankton: Yeah, thats what it says (Mr. Krabs puts away the poster)
Mr. Krabs: So?
Plankton: Ok, ok, i will. (Plankton puts the whole Krabby Patty in his mouth) i bid
you, good day sir. (Plankton tries to go but Mr. Krabs grabs him)
Mr. Krabs: You'll have to swallow it here, in the premises
Plankton: Oh come on
Agent Twerp: I'll allow it.
Plankton: Fine. (Plankton swallows it), can i go now? (Mr. Krabs grabs him and throws
him to the Chum Bucket)
Karen, quick, you gotta cut this Krabby Patty out of me, stat!
Karen: But what about the anasthetic?
Plankton: Is no time, i can feel it digesting
Karen: Whatever you say dear, hold still, this may pinch a little (Karen takes out a chainsaw)
Plankton: (Yells)
(Scene cuts to the Krusty Krab)
SpongeBob: Uh, Mr. Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: What it is lad?
SpongeBob: (Points to the Chum Bucket) Take a look
(The camera shows many customers getting inside the Chum Bucket)
Plankton: Keep it moving, nice and orderly, hey Eugene, do you want a free Krabby Patty?
guess how many customers i can fit into the Chum Bucket!
(Mr. Krabs gets scared)
Chum Bucket Customer: I feel terrible, the Patty tastes like stomach acid.(The customer runs away)
Chum Bucket Customer 2: It tastes like aspirins and carrots, take it off, take it off!
(All the customers go away)
Plankton: No, wait, come back! Oh come on Karen, what happened?
Karen: I just did what you asked (Shows a bag with acid) i analyzed the contents of
your stomach and used it to synthetize a Krabby Patty
Mr. Krabs: (Laughs) It warms my heart seeing that little twerp fail, okay boyo four
times over, now fish those buns from the toilet, oh yeah,
(grabs the seeds jar) put those seeds back on
SpongeBob: Thats my Krabs (laughs)