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Glove World R.I.P.

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Typed By: CowBob RanchPants

(The scene starts off with SpongeBob sitting and reading in his library. A rollercoaster cart with people crashes into one of the library's walls).
SpongeBob: Ah, guests. Can I offer you some lemonade?
Brown fish in roller-coaster cart: Man, that has to be the worst amusement park I've ever been to. I mean we're lucky to escape with our lives.
Harold: I agree, the world will be a much better place when Glove World is gone for good. (The other fish in the roller-coaster cart clap in agreement.)
SpongeBob: Excuse me, did you just mention Glove World?
Brown fish: Yeah, Glove World. They're going to close it. Tomorrow. Forever.
SpongeBob: Close Glove World? Has the world gone mad?!
Brown fish: Well it depends on your definition-
SpongeBob: I gotta go. (He runs off screen.)
Brown fish: Well what about our lemonade?
(SpongeBob goes over to Patrick's rock and knocks on it.)
SpongeBob: Patrick! Patrick!
Patrick: I can't come out right now
SpongeBob I'm taking a shower.
SpongeBob: But Patrick it's Glove World they're gonna- (Patrick's rock opens and he merges undressed).
Patrick: Glove World? (He runs off the screen and SpongeBob follows.)
SpongeBob: Patrick wait.
(They're now at the entrance of Glove World.)
SpongeBob: There it is Patrick, Glove World.
Patrick: Look at that guy, he must be the owner. (They look at a man next to the entrance.)
SpongeBob: Uh huh. Come on. (They walk over to him.) Excuse us sir. We heard a horrible rumor that you're going to close down Glove World forever.
Patrick: Close Glove World? Has the world gone mad? (The scene zooms out revealing Patrick's naked behind.)
Glove World Owner: Here son take this. You don't wanna catch a cold. (The owner gives Patrick his hat and Patrick puts it on like a pair of shorts.)
Patrick: That feels good.
SpongeBob: Ooh, that looks glovely on you Patrick.
Patrick: Fits like a glove.
SpongeBob: Glove size fits all.
Patrick: A penny saved is a penny gloved.
SpongeBob: You can lead a glove to glove but you can't make it glove.
Patrick: She gloves me. She gloves me not.
SpongeBob: Alls fair in glove and war.
Patrick: Glove! Glove! Glove! Glove! Glove! Glove! Glove.
SpongeBob: Wow.
Glove World Owner: Well then, enjoy the hat. Now if you folks excuse me I have a rickety old theme park to close down.
SpongeBob: Then the rumors are true. You are going to close down Glove World.
Glove World Owner: Eyup.
SpongeBob and Patrick: Noooooo!
Glove World Owner: I understand your concern but really-
SpongeBob and Patrick: Noooooo!
SpongeBob: Oh please soon to be ex owner of Glove World. Can you see it in your heart to let us ride our favorite rides just one last time?
Patrick: For old times rides sake?
Glove World Owner: Well, seeing how it's our last day of operation anyway and as long as you pay the full admission price... Then sure, go right ahead. (SpongeBob and Patrick kiss his feet.)
SpongeBob and Patrick: Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
(The scene shows them at their first ride, the Tilt-A-Hurl).
SpongeBob: Well Patrick, it's time to say goodbye to the Tilt-A-Hurl.
(They sit down inside of it.)
Patrick: Goodbye Tilt-A-Hurl.
(The ride starts as it keeps smashing into them.)
SpongeBob and Patrick: Oh. Ow. Neeh. Ow. Ow.
(The ride stops as they're full of injuries.)
Patrick: We'll miss you.
(They step off the ride and the scene transitions to them waiting in line for the Glove Drop.)
SpongeBob: Good bye, Glove Drop.
Patrick: So many fine memories on this ride.
SpongeBob: I know Patrick but we have to be brave.
(They get inside of the Glove Drop and a glove hand hits it to ground with yelling people. Causing the ride to explode and SB/Pat to be oblivious to what happened.)
SpongeBob: Where to next Patrick?
Patrick: I think you know where pal.
(Switch forward to SpongeBob and Patrick in front The Glove Boat.)
SpongeBob: The Glove Boat. My most favorite ride in the entire glove kingdom. And it's the last time I'm ever gonna to be able to ride it.
Patrick: C'mon buddy, let's take our seats.
(SpongeBob and Patrick sit down in their name labeled seats.)
SpongeBob unexcited: Weeee.
Patrick unexcited: Weeeee.
(The ride viciously swings back and forth. It eventually swings high enough where the boat turns upside down and all the members inside fall out screaming. Cut the scene where we can see a fish going in ambulance as SpongeBob and Patrick walk around Glove World.)
SpongeBob: I don't get it. I just don't get it. Why? I mean why must Glove World close?
(A roller coaster cart flies through the air and lands behind them. They keep walking not taking a notice in this.)
Patrick: Beats me. Let's go ride the Ferris wheel.
(The two ride the Ferris wheel and it begins to squeak.)
SpongeBob: Weeee. Did you hear that?
Patrick: Excuse me.
SpongeBob: No not that I mean- oh no Patrick look.
Patrick: Oh no. What am I looking at?
SpongeBob: The Ferris wheel it lifted free of its moorings.
(The screen zooms out and we can see the Ferris wheel rolling away.)
Patrick: So you mean-
SpongeBob: Aw huh.
Patrick: Then somehow it ripped free of its moorings.
(The people on board begin screaming.)
Patrick: SpongeBob what are you doing? We must remain seating at all times.
SpongeBob: We gotta jump before this thing crashes, c'mon!
(SpongeBob jumps off.)
Patrick: But you know I'm allergic to jumping. You know that.
SpongeBob: Patrick, it's now or never. You can do this.
Patrick: Ayye! Only if you say so.
(They make some weird panicking noises before Patrick jumps off.)
SpongeBob: Great job Patrick.
Patrick: Thanks.
SpongeBob: Look!
(SpongeBob points at the Ferris wheel crashing into a lake.)
SpongeBob: Woah, right in the middle of Glove Lake.
Patrick: That's really going spoil the view for the residents of the Glove Castle.
SpongeBob: Patrick I think the time has come for us to except reality.
Patrick: We've gone this far, why stop now?
SpongeBob: All I'm saying is maybe there is a reason why Glove World is closing. I mean just look around you. Open your eyes.
Patrick: Okay.
(Patrick literally opens his eyes to see multiple problems with the attractions. The mirrors break, the log ride crashes fish into the mud with leeches and the cars ride is backed up. Patrick closes his eyes.)
SpongeBob: See what I mean Patrick? Glove World is on its last leg.
Patrick: Yeah. Or on its last finger.
SpongeBob: Yeah I just wish there was something we could do.
Patrick. I know what we can do. Let's take a trip to Glove World and cheer ourselves up.
SpongeBob: Wait a second. *gasp* That's it!
Patrick: It is?
SpongeBob: Of course. We just have to fix Glove World.
Patrick: We do?
SpongeBob: And then everyone will love it again and they'll have no choice but to keep it open. Are you with me?
Patrick: I think I am. (He touches himself.) Yeah I am.
(The bubbles transition where we see Patrick in a tuxedo on a soap box and SpongeBob behind a mirror frame.)
SpongeBob: Okay Patrick this is it. Do you remember what to say?
Patrick: SpongeBob I'm not a-stupid. Come one. Come all to the new, the improved-
SpongeBob whispering: Hall of Mirrors.
Patrick: Hall of Mirrors.
Nat: Wow. New and improved? (He goes up to it and SpongeBob morphs into a look a like of him.) Wow! That's fantastic.
SpongeBob: It's working.
Strange looking woman fish: Oh, I'll try it. (SpongeBob morphs into her.) Hey, what kind of mirror is this? (She hits SpongeBob with her fist.) Well I'm glad they're closing this place down.
(The next scene shows a fish probably from the Bubble Popping Boys in the Glovey Glove suit with little boy Monroe.)
Fish: Hey there kid- (Monroe steps on his foot.) Ow! Little brat! I've had it. (He goes over to the Glove World Owner.)Three and a half weeks of working here and I've had it. You're going to have to pay for my shin replacement surgery.
Glove World Owner: I'm sorry that you feel that way but if we were to accommodate every employee-
Fish: Accommodate this (he throws the Glovey Glove costume at the owner) boss man.
Glove World Owner: Great. Now where am I going to find another mascot?
Patrick: Mister owner. Mister owner? Can I wear the Glovey Glove costume? Please? Please? I've always wanted to try it on. And this hat you let me wear earlier is starting to wear out. See? (Patrick points to his revealed behind.)
Glove World Owner: Sure. I mean what could go wrong? (He puts the costume on Patrick.)
Patrick: Thanks. Ahahahaha!
(The next scene shows Monroe getting an ice cream from a man.)
Ice cream fish: Here you go little boy.
Monroe: Thanks.
Patrick: Oh boy, I love ice cream!
(Monroe gets scared of Patrick and runs off yelling. He drops his ice cream on the floor.)
Patrick: Thanks.
(Patrick goes in front of a line.)
Sandals: The park mascot cutting in line?
Monroe: And he stole my ice cream!
(Patrick tries to talk with mouth full of ice cream, but spits it up on their faces).
Patrick: I thought he gave it to me.
(Cut back to SpongeBob who stares at a ride.)
SpongeBob: Boy, the swing ride is really slowing down. That's something I can fix.
(SpongeBob pushes the sleeping ride operator aside.)
SpongeBob: Excuse me.
(He puts the ride on fast as people scream, loose their clothes and fly. SpongeBob looks surprised.)
SpongeBob: Much better...
(The Fist O'Pain has people fly off its ride as SpongeBob captures them using a giant glove.)
Fish #1: Huh? Hey! I landed safely.
Multiple fish: Hey, we landed safely.
(The glove goes backwards and the fish fall off hitting the ground. SpongeBob just awkwardly walks away.)
Multiple fish: Oh. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Fish #2: My leg can't feel me.
(The next scene shows Patrick chasing after yelling people with a mallet.)
Multiple fish: He's gone crazy! Run for your lives!
Patrick: Come back here.
(SpongeBob runs in front of him.)
SpongeBob: Patrick stop! What are you doing?!
Patrick: I was just trying to test their strength with this giant hammer.
SpongeBob: Listen Patrick. Do you hear that?
Patrick: Yeah. It's the sound of total silence. (A tumbleweed blows by.) Plus tumbleweeds.
SpongeBob: Everyone's gone home Patrick. We couldn't fix Glove World and now it's going to close. And there's nothing we can do.
Patrick: Well there is one thing we can do.
(It's night time as SpongeBob and Patrick had chained themselves up to the Glove World entrance. The Glove World Owner walks up to them whistling.)
Glove World Owner: What are you doing?
SpongeBob: We're doing anything other responsible person would do when they're left no other choice.
Patrick: Yeah brother. We're chaining ourselves to a gate.
Glove World Owner: Well I hope you two don't plain to stay chained up for long or you'll miss the grand opening tonight.
SpongeBob and Patrick: The grand what?
Glove World Owner: The grand opening. The only reason we're closing down Glove World is because Glove Universe is opening tonight.
Glove World Owner: Isn't she something? Well you two have a good night.
(He walks off screen.)
SpongeBob: Glove Universe grand opening. Are you ready Patrick?
Patrick: You bet!
SpongeBob: Okay let's get out of these chains. Give me the key.
Patrick: What key?
SpongeBob: The key I gave you. The key that unlocks these chains.
Patrick: Oh oh oh. Yeah yeah yeah! You told me to keep it in a safe place remember?
SpongeBob: So where are you keeping it?
Patrick: At the bottom of Glove Lake where no one will ever find it! SpongeBob?