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Planet of the Jellyfish

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Typed By: Rocko's Milkmaid

(SpongeBob jellyfishing, as one jellyfish pulls SpongeBob's net upward)
SpongeBob: Weeeeeee!
(Patrick jellyfishing, failing to catch the jellyfish)
Patrick: (grunting)
SpongeBob: La la la la la la la la la-gotcha!
SpongeBob: There you go, little fella. (letting the jellyfish he caught go)
SpongeBob: Is it me, or does Jellyfish Fields seem-different today?
Patrick: I don't know, but all this failure sure is making me tired. I'm gonna take a quick nap one that rock over there.
SpongeBob: OK, I'm gonna look for more jellyfish over by that creepy spooky evil looking cave. La la la la la la la la la la la la! Dahahahaha! (catches jellyfish)
SpongeBob: Hello jellyfish, I can't resist your charms. If only you didn't sting. Then you'd be the perfect pet. (jellyfish stings SpongeBob)
SpongeBob: Oh well, guess it's just catch and release for now. La la la la la la la!
(Jellion Overlord grabs a jellyfish by the tongue and eats it, then spews it out into a Jellion. He then grunts and then spews lots of Jellions out of his tentacles)
(Patrick is sleeping on a rock, snoring as a jellion covers his whole body, turning him into a Jellion)
(Jellion Patrick grabs Patrick's jellyfish net with his many tongues and begins holding it)
SpongeBob: Hey, isn't this just the cutest little jellyfish you've ever seen? And he doesn't sting! Gosh, you don't suppose they're some sort of new breed, huh? I think I'll keep this one as a pet. (sees Jellion Patrick with tons of jellyfish in his net) Woah!
Jellion Patrick: Yes, I too have caught many jellyfish. Perhaps we shall give one to each of our friends.
SpongeBob: Wow, Patrick, that's a great idea!
SpongeBob: Well, we've given everyone a jellyfish except Squidward! Dah, he probably doesn't want one.
Jellion Patrick: He will take one and like it. (shoves Jellion into Squidward mail flap as the Jellion spews out Jellion Squidward) Pleasant dreams, square one.
SpongeBob: Right back at ya, ol' buddy! (turns around) Woah!
Jellion Squidward: Do not let the bedbugs bite. Ha-a-ha-a-ha.
SpongeBob: That sounds like good advice. Thanks, Squidward.
Jellion Squidward: There will be plenty of biting this night. Braaaap.
(SpongeBob's room)
SpongeBob: Tonight, you'll sleep with me, little jelly. Good night, Gary.
Gary: Mrow.
SpongeBob: Good night, little jelly.
(Jellion almost bites SpongeBob)
SpongeBob: I can't sleep. (goes downstairs to watch a movie)
SpongeBob: (eating popcorn as lightning flashes on the TV)
(Jellion almost bites SpongeBob again)
SpongeBob: AHHHHHHH! Ha, these late night horror shows are a real hoot. Oh hey, you want some popcorn?
(Jellion chokes on the popcorn)
SpongeBob: Hey, hey! Are you okay?
(Morning, Jellion sleeps in popcorn bowl)
SpongeBob: Aw, look at him, the little angel. Guess he couldn't make it past the third feature. Good morning, sleepy head. We wouldn't anything to happen to you while I'm at work. You better stay in here where's it's safe. (puts Jellion into cage) You two stay out of trouble. Bye.
(Jellion attacks Gary, spewing out a Jellion Gary)
Jellion Gary: Mrow.
(Krusty Krab)
SpongeBob: Woah , look at all the customers!
Jellion Fish #1: One Krabby Patty, hold the mayonnaise.
Jellion Squidward: One Krabby Patty, hold the mayonnaise.
Jellion Patrick: One Krabby Patty, hold the mayonnaise.
Jellion Squidward: Thank you, come again.
Jellion Squidward and Jellion Fish #1: Braaaaaap.
Fish #1: I would like One Krabby-
Jellion Squidward: One Krabby Patty, hold the mayonnaise.
Fish #1: Actually, I want mine with extra mayo!
(Jellion Squidward and several other Jellion fish hiss at Fish #1)
Fish #1: Woah, dudes!
Jellion Krabs: I am sorry valued customer, we are currently out of the condiment you call mayonnaise. Please except this free jellyfish hat instead. Thank you, come again.
SpongeBob: Well that's funny, we just received a whole shipment of mayonnaise. (walks into kitchen) Patrick? What are you doing? Cooking Krabby Patties is my job!
Jellion Patrick: I am here to replace you and all of your kind.
SpongeBob: Ahaha, I saw that movie last night too. Oop, if you're gonna work here, you're gonna need an official Krusty Krab hat.
Jellion Patrick: Hat? (grows a hat)
SpongeBob: Gee, that's a pretty neat trick! I'm gonna get some extra mayonnaise from the back.
Jellion Patrick: NO MAYONNAISE!!
SpongeBob: Okay…. He's acting weird today. Hey there's plenty of mayo back here! (pulls a box of mayonnaise out and hears a noise) Huh, is somebody in there? (sees Jellion Overlord)
SpongeBob: Monsters! Squidward! And Mr. Krabs! (gasp) Patrick too! And some random guy! (GASP) MY SPATULA! It's just like that movie I watched last night! Those things have captured everyone and put them into creepy pods! (walks out of freezer) Hi…..Patrick. I gotta clean the tables….Patrick. Ha ha….Patrick. (gets surprised by Jellion Squidward)
Jellion Squidward: Hi, SpongeBob. Don't you want a cute little jellyfish?
SpongeBob: Haha, no thanks. (turns around to Jellion Krabs) WOAH!
Jellion Krabs: You seem tired, SpongeBob. You should go home and take a nap. (hiss)
Jellion Squidward: Yes, and you can this jelly as a pillow.
SpongeBob: Oh, that's okay. I have one at home. Haha. (runs into a few Jellion fish who hiss at him) AHH!
Jellion Squidward and Jellion Krabs: Sleep well.
SpongeBob: (greeted by more Jellion Fish) GAHH RANDOM GUY! (runs away as Jellion Fish chase after him) AHH!!
SpongeBob: What am I gonna do? My friends-taken by those Jelly creatures! I can feel their creepy rope like tentacles now (gets roped) DAH!
SpongeBob: (gets dragged into Sandy's treedome)
Sandy: All right, you rotten jelly clone, what did you do with SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: I'm no clone, Sandy. I am SpongeBob.
Sandy: Then you won't mind if I do a simple test? (tickles SpongeBob) Coochy coochy coo! Coochy coochy-
Sandy: You're SpongeBob, alright.
SpongeBob: What're we gonna do, Sandy?
Sandy: If only we knew the Jellions' weakness.
SpongeBob: Well, the only thing I know is that they can't stand mayonnaise.
Sandy: Ew, I don't like mayo neither.
SpongeBob: Oh, so you don't like mayonnaise, either. Just like a Jellion!
Sandy: Oh, snap of it SpongeBob. Now, if only we had some mayonnaise.
SpongeBob: There's lots at the Krusty Krab. But we'll never get past-them! (Jellions hissing at Sandy's window)
Sandy: Not to worry. We'll be in disguise.
SpongeBob and Sandy: (whistling as they come across Jellion Fred)
Sandy: Greeting s fellow clone. I hate mayonnaise.
SpongeBob: I hate mayonnaise and mustard.
Jellion Fred: Hmm…
Jellion Fred: I like mustard.
(Krusty Krab)
Jellion Krabs: Did you take that nap, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: Uh huh. Sure did.
Sandy: Yes, we're all rested and jellified.
SpongeBob: Ha ha ha ha. (bumps his arm into Sandy knocking off her sunglasses) Good one, Jellion Sandy.
Sandy: Heh heh heh.
Jellion Krabs: IMPOSTERS!
(All Jellions walk toward SpongeBob and Sandy)
Sandy: Quick, SpongeBob, the mayonnaise!
SpongeBob: (swings on rope flinging himself over to the condiments, grabbing a jar of mayonnaise, squirting it on Jellion Krabs)
Jellion Krabs: AHH! Eww…. (disintegrates)
Sandy: It worked, SpongeBob! Keep going!
SpongeBob: (squirts mayonnaise and Jellion Squidward, disintegrating him)
Sandy: SpongeBob, look out!
SpongeBob: (squirts mayonnaise at all the Jellion Bikini Bottomites, disintegrating them all)
Sandy: Come on, SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Oh, hi, Jellion Patrick!
Jellion Patrick: Hold the mayonnaise.
SpongeBob: Oh, I almost forgot! (squirts mayonnaise at Jellion Patrick, disintegrating him)
Patrick: (falls from pod) Oof! Hey guys! What shaking? Oh..
Jellion Overlord: (hisses)
Sandy: Hold it right there, you evil blob of slime! You're through because we know your weakness! Show em' SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: (holds up the mayonnaise jar)
Jellion Overlord: (hisses)
Sandy: Let ‘er rip!
SpongeBob: (starts squirting the mayonnaise at the Jellion Overlord, but with no effect) Sandy! It's so cold in here the mayonnaise is starting to freeze!
Sandy: Then hurry and throw it, SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Aye aye!
Jellion Overlord: (hisses)
SpongeBob: (turns of the mayonnaise jar's cap and throws the mayonnaise, but with no effect)
Jellion Overlord: Ha ha ha ha!
SpongeBob: Oh, no! This mayonnaise is frozen solid!
Sandy: Then I'll just turn up the heat! (turns the thermostat from "COLD" to "HOT")
(The mayonnaise melts all over the Jellion, disintegrating him)
Sandy and SpongeBob: Hooray! (gets hit by the flood of goop that the Jellion Overlord is now)
Mr. Krabs: What happened?
SpongeBob: Well, let me tell you.
(Cue to time card saying "Eleven Minutes Later")
SpongeBob: And that's why we're covered in goo!
Mr. Krabs: Thanks for rescuing us, SpongeBob. But what are we gonna do with all this green slop?
Patrick: (tastes some goo) Hm, freaky clone Jelly Relish!
(Mr. Krabs' eyes turn to dollar signs)
(Krusty Krab Dining Area)
Mr. Krabs: Relish Patties! Get your Freaky Clone Relish Patties! Only four bucks extra!
Patrick: Uhh, I'll have one relish patty, hold the mayonnaise.
SpongeBob: (looks at Patrick suspiciously)
(Cue to time card saying "The End")