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Bubble Buddy Returns

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Typed By: Amphitrite

(a bubble with a note inside floats down in Bikini Bottom)
Mable: (hanging up clothes to let them dry. The bubble knocks the clothes off the rack) Hey, you stupid bubble, I just washed those!
(the bubble knocks a man's hat off, knocks Nancy's hair off, and knocks down Old Man Jenkins)
Old Man Jenkins: My spine!
Man: Why don't you watch where you're going?
Nancy: Get back here!
Old Man Jenkins: I'll sue.
(the bubble passes a fish who's eating soup, and knocks his head into the bowl. The bubble floats into SpongeBob's house)
SpongeBob: (about to eat cereal, and the bubble goes into his mouth. He takes it, and the note out) Hey, little bubble. Where'd you come from? Perhaps this letter will shed some light. It's from my old friend, Bubble Buddy. I wonder what's up with him. (opens letter) Let's see: Dear, SpongeBob...
(cut to Bubble Buddy writing letter)
Bubble Buddy: The Mrs. and I have to go away for a few days, and our regular bubble sitter is sick. Could you please watch our son, Shiny until we get back? I owe you one! Your pal, Bubble Buddy.
(cut back to SpongeBob)
SpongeBob: Please keep Shiny away from sharp objects. We don't want him to go pop like his late Uncle Raymond. (done reading) Oh, boy! Gary, did you hear that? They want me to watch little Shiny! I wonder when he's going to show up. The letter doesn't say. (bubble morphs into Shiny) Oh, I can't wait to meet him! (Shiny touches SpongeBob, scaring him) Oh, there you are, Shiny! Oh, look at you! You're just as cute as the dickens! (picks him up) Upsy Daisy! Say hello to Shiny, Gary. (Shiny blinks, and Gary hides in his shell) You full of soap and vinegar, aren't you? I can't wait for my friends to meet you!
(Squidward exits his house, and SpongeBob does the same, with Shiny on his head)
SpongeBob: La la la la la la la! This is going to be great, Shiny! Downsy Daffodil. Squidward loves meeting new friends.
Squidward: No, I don't! (retreats into his house)
SpongeBob: You're gonna like Squidward. He's lots of fun.
SpongeBob: (knocks on door) So, how was your trip? (knocks on door, again) You don't talk much do you? Hmm. Guess he's not home. Oh, well. We'll have to try again, later. (Shiny floats away) Hey, Shiny. Where are you going? (Shiny floats into the window) You can't go in there! You weren't invited!
(crashing noises are heard from inside)
Squidward: Would you please get your friend out of my house?
(cut to the inside of Squidward's house, which is a mess)
Squidward: Where is he?
SpongeBob: Oh, Squidward. This place is so filled with sharp, jagged, broken things! This is no place for a little bubble boy! (spots Shiny float towards cupboards) There he is! Don't worry, Squidward. I'll get him! (opens several cupboards with the following items) Nope. Jagged glass. Barbed wire. Cactuses. Cactuses protected by barbed wire. Shh! Shiny must be in this one. Gotcha! (opens the cupboard and immediately reaches inside, jabbing himself with broken glass) No, guess not. (gasps) You don't think he p-p-popped in there?
Squidward: There he is! He's headed straight for my glass menagerie!
(Shiny slowly floats past them)
Squidward: Phew...
(Shiny floats near a broken lamp)
SpongeBob: Hold still, Shiny. Gotcha! (leaps, but Shiny dodges, and SpongeBob hits the broken light bulb, gets electrocuted, and flies into the glass menagerie desk, causing them to fall and break)
Squidward: Of course.
SpongeBob: Okay, Shiny. Fun is fun, but it's time to come down, now. (tries to catch Shiny, but he misses) Barnacles!
(Shiny floats toward a spinning fan)
SpongeBob: Shiny, no!
(Shiny gets caught in the fan, escapes, and floats upstairs)
SpongeBob: Shiny, come back! (he and Squidward run upstairs) There he is! (Shiny begins to float out a window) He's headed for that open window! (the wind blows Shiny back in. Shiny grabs a paintbrush, and paints a mustache on one of Squidward's paintings)
SpongeBob: (grabs Shiny) I gotcha, you little rascal. I guess Shiny wants to be an artist, just like you.
Squidward: SpongeBob, I spent 6 long months on that painting!
SpongeBob: Don't worry, Squidward. Shiny's made of soap. We'll just wash it off. (uses Shiny to wipe the mustache off) There you go, good as new. (the painting of Squidward drips off the painting, revealing its brain, making Squidward angry) Really catches your inner self. Oh, look at the time. Time to go to work! See you there. Bye! (leaves)
(cut to the Krusty Krab)
SpongeBob: Hi, Mr. Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: Morning, Laddy. Say, what's with the glass puppet?
SpongeBob: This isn't glass! Remember Bubble Buddy? Well, I'm taking care of his son.
Mr. Krabs: Eh, Bubble Buddy, huh? That guy still owes me money! So, what's the little deadbeat's name?
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, allow me to introduce you to Shiny Bubble.
Mr. Krabs: (holds out hand) Put it there! (Shiny floats in between his eyes) Hey! (almost pinches Shiny)
SpongeBob: Oh! You might wanna be careful with those sharp claws, Mr. Krabs!
(Shiny floats all over Mr. Krabs)
Mr. Krabs: Come here you little rascal! (tries to grab him. SpongeBob takes Shiny away)
SpongeBob: Don't worry, I got him! Wow, look how shiny Shiny made you.
Mr. Krabs: Well, would you look at that. I never felt this clean on a weekday. Why don't you take into the kitchen and let him play with the dirty dishes?
(SpongeBob takes Shiny in the kitchen)
SpongeBob: Wow, I think Mr. Krabs really likes you. You play with these while I tend to the grill. (puts Shiny on the dishes) You sure are lucky, Shiny. You get to learn the glories of the service industry.
(Shiny floats out the kitchen window)
SpongeBob: Yessiree, Shiner. You show me a sizzling grill, and I'll show you a happy customer.
(Shiny slides around on the floor, leaving behind a trail of soap as he does so. Customers begin slipping all over the place)
Squidward: What in the name of Neptune is going on- (steps on Shiny and slips, sending Shiny in the air. Shiny hits the ceiling, wall, and hits the cash register, opening it and money flies out)
Customer: Money! Yay!
SpongeBob: There you are, Shiny. I'm so glad I found you. Good thing you weren't hurt.
Mr. Krabs: You better get him out of here if you wanna keep him that way! (SpongeBob runs out with Shiny) Bubbles today. They don't seem to understand the value of money.
(cut to SpongeBob walking with Shiny)
SpongeBob: That's okay, Shiny. It's too dangerous for you to work at the Krusty Krab, anyway. But, there are some fun, safe things we can do. Like stand in place, or sit in place. Or the "let's do nothing at all" game. Patrick is really good at that one. He-
(Shiny disappeared from his hand)
SpongeBob: Shiny? Shiny where are you?
(Shiny is floating toward the city)
SpongeBob: Shiny! No! You can't go to the city. It's too dangerous! (runs to Bikini Bottom) Where are you, Shiny? (looks for Shiny and finds him floating in the middle of the street) Shiny, no! Don't worry. I'll save you! (grabs Shiny) There now. Safe and sound. (gets hit by a boat) Now, Shiny, I- (gets run over by another boat) Now, Shiny, you might- (gets run over by several more boats) That was a close one. Okay, now. Let's get going and keep you away from sharp pointy things.
(Shiny floats away)
SpongeBob: Oh, tartar sauce. Shiny, no!
(two boats collide and almost hit Shiny. Shiny floats in a pin factory)
SpongeBob: "Bikini Bottom Pin Factory"? Don't worry, Shiny. I'm coming! (goes inside. SpongeBob is heard screaming. He comes out with pins stuck in him, and Shiny) Shiny, you have to be more careful. You could get popped in a place like that. Hold on. There's something tickling my nose. (pulls the pin from his nose, and deflates. He blows himself back up)
(Shiny floats away)
SpongeBob: Shiny, where are you going? (Shiny floats into the scissor works) "Scissor Works"? Hold on, Shiny! (goes inside. Clipping noises are heard. SpongeBob comes out with Shiny) Oh, boy. Did you know scissors are sharp and dangerous? Luckily, we both escaped unharmed! (becomes reduced to cubes. He puts himself back together)
(Shiny floats away again)
SpongeBob: Shiny? (Shiny floats in the pitchfork pantry) "Pitchfork Pantry". Of course. (walks inside) Aah. Ow. (walks out with Shiny and a pitchfork stuck in his head) Shiny, how many times do I have to tell you? No sharp, no pointy! Now, let's see if there's a safe place for you to visit. Ah! "The Pillow Foundry" That's a safe place to visit. Pillows aren't dangerous. (goes inside and becomes surprised) Huh?
(a stock footage of a live-action factory is shown. Iron is shown being melted, steamed, and comes out on a conveyor belt. It is cut by a buzzsaw, and a guy uses a giant needle to jab the pillows and fling them into a pile)
SpongeBob: Okay, let's skip the pillow foundry. I'll just take you to my house.
(cut to SpongeBob's house)
SpongeBob: Here we are. Home safe home! You must be famish after all that running around. Now, what would a growing bubble eat? Hmm. (takes out bubble soap) I know! (blows a hot dog-shaped bubble, which bumps into Shiny, and pops. Shiny pops, too)
SpongeBob: (panicking) Shiny! Don't worry! I'll save you! (dips bubble wand into the soap puddle. He blows a monster-shaped bubble) Oh, that ain't right! (blows a dinosaur-shaped bubble) Oh, come on, man! (blows Shiny back to normal) Phew, that was close.
(Shiny grows a second head)
SpongeBob: Uh oh.
Bubble Buddy: Hey, SpongeBob. How's my son been faring?
SpongeBob: Oh, he's... (hides Shiny behind his back) ...doing great.
Bubble Buddy: I see you've grown a second head, again, son.
SpongeBob: Again?
Bubble Buddy: Don't worry, SpongeBob. I'll take care of it. (sucks Shiny into his bubble wand, and place him inside his soap bottle) So, did my son behave himself?
SpongeBob: Oh, he was a little angel... in a little devil sort of way.
Bubble Buddy: Well, see you later.
(Shiny's head pops out of the bottle, and raspberries SpongeBob. Bubble Buddy hops into an airplane-shaped bubble, which takes off)
SpongeBob: Bye, bye. Anytime you need a baby-sitter. In case you wanna know, I do a lot of stuff. I have Gary,... he needs feeding... and I have to check in with Mr. Krabs... and I... stand around a lot, and that keeps me busy.