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The Other Patty

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(SpongeBob is talking out the trash at the back of the Krusty Krab. He grunts and tosses it in the dumpster)
Plankton: (Pops out of trash back holding Krabby Patty) Hahaha! You failed! I've finally stolen a Krabby Patty!
Mr. Krabs: That's nice. (Arms crossed)
Plankton: Aren'tcha gonna try and take it back from me?
Mr. Krabs: Oh, goodness no. You go ahead. Take it.
SpongeBob: But Mr. Krabs, Plankton will figure out the Krabby Patty formula.
Mr. Krabs: (Chuckles) Nonsense. (Turns Plankton around and pushes him away.) Run along little fella. Enjoy your Krabby Patty.
Plankton: Wow, you must've snapped Krabs. (Running away) The Krabby Patty formula is finally mine! (Krabby Patty explodes. Plankton lands back in front of Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob. Plankton groans.) What happened? (rubs head)
Mr. Krabs: Oh, just a little security measure I've been working on. Now all Krabby Patties self destruct 10 feet beyond the Krusty Krab! Sucker!
Fish #1: (Walking out of Krusty Krab with full stomach) Those Krabby Patties really hit the spot.
Girl Fish: And next time you might wanna try chewing 'em. You're gonna blow up like a balloon.
Fish #1: Haha, nonse-- (Blows up)
Girl Fish: He never listens to me.
Plankton: Aw, man. I stole the Krabby Patty fair and square.
Mr. Krabs: Oh, poor wittle baby waby. Does wittle Pwanksy wanksy need his nappy wappy? (laughs)
SpongeBob: Why are you two always fighting? You were best palsie-walsies once. (Holds up old picture of Mr. Krabs and Plankton. Picks up Plankton.)
Plankton: Hey!
SpongeBob: Can't you two make up and be friends.
Mr. Krabs: (Pushes SpongeBob away. SpongeBob drops Plankton) Yeeh, those day are over, SpongeBob.
Plankton: Ooo...(Rubs head) Krabs and I are bitter enemies!
Mr. Krabs: And that's the way we like it. (Goes back into the Krusty Krab through the back door)
SpongeBob: If only there was some way to bring you two back together.
Plankton: Forget it, SpongeBob. Nothin' will make me friend with Eugene Krabs. (Smells something. Sniffs) What is that delicious smell!?
(SpongeBob sniffs different scent coming from garbage)
SpongeBob: Bluh! That doesn't smell delicious!
Plankton: No, not that. It's coming from this way. (Follows scent while sniffing) Aha. That delectable odor is coming from that shack. (Points to "Flabby Patty" shack across from the Krusty Krab) Must know more.
SpongeBob: The Flabby Patty?
Plankton: Another restaurant. Looks like Krabs has some real competition, huh. Interesting.
Harold: Wow, a Flabby Patty. (Takes bite. Crumb falls to Plankton who eats it)
(Plankton's eye turn to numbers counting down and his antennae start burning away)
Countdown Voice: T minus 3, 2, 1. Liftoff.
(Plankton shoots up like a rocket and lands on SpongeBob's nose)
Plankton: That was fantastic! (Pulling on SpongeBob's eyelid) Forget the Krabby formula. I must have the Flabby Patty recipe. (Jumps off SpongeBob's nose)
SpongeBob: (Opens Krusty Krab doors making a customer go flying) Mr. Krabs! Mr. Krabs, I have great news!
Mr. Krabs: The bank is handing out free samples of money?
SpongeBob: Nooo. There's a new restaurant down the street called the Flabby Patty, and now Plankton only wants to steal their recipe. Isn't that wonderful?
Mr. Krabs: What!? Some imitation patty is tryin' to steal me business? Oh, but me customers are loyal. (Scent going by him) They won't leave for some nasty Flabby Patty. (Customers smell the scent and disappear leaving their food. Customers at register disappear leaving their money. Mr. Krabs screams and runs out the door seeing the long line at the Flabby Patty) The Flabby Patty shack has stolen all me customers!
Plankton: Get used to it, Krabs. Your Krabby Patty is old news. Once I steal the Flabby Patty recipe your customers will be eating at the Chum Bucket.
Mr. Krabs: Oh, no they won't, because I'll steal the Flabby Patty recipe first!
Plankton: Hey, stealin' recipes it my shtick. You haven't got a chance against me.
Mr. Krabs: Ha! I bet I get that recipe way before you.
Plankton: Bet ya don't!
Mr. Krabs: Bet I will!
Plankton: Won't!
Mr. Krabs: Will!
SpongeBob: (Stepping between them) Whoa, whoa, whoa now. Instead of competing, why don't you cooperate and steal the recipe together.
(Mr. Krabs and Plankton stare at SpongeBob for a second and then both start laughing)
Plankton: (Walking away) You're a loser Krabs.
Mr. Krabs: (Waling other way) Same to you!
(Plane is in the sky flying over the Flabby Patty shack)
Plankton: (With parachute on back) Sweet Flabby Patty, here I come! (Jumps out of plane)
Mr. Krabs: Dig, SpongeBob, dig.
SpongeBob: I'm digging, Mr. Krabs, I'm digging. (There's a hole in the ground)
Plankton: (laughing) I've so got the drop on that dunderhead Krabs. (Laughs and pulls parachute. The force drops him out of the parachute and he falls screaming.)
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, I think we're here. (Mr. Krabs jumps up into the Flabby Patty shack from the hole they dug)
Mr. Krabs: Ha! Recipe theivin' is as easy as pie.
SpongeBob: (Coming out of the hole with shovel looking tired) Yeah, pie. (Face plants on the ground)
(Plankton is falling and screaming still)
Mr. Krabs: Where are you hiding. (Looking on shelves and spots what looks like the recipe in a bottle) Ooo, there you are my sweetie.
SpongeBob: (Picking at his ear) Mr. Krabs, do you hear something? (Plankton falls through pipe on roof and lands on Mr. Krabs' head. Mr. Krabs goes flying) I gotcha, Mr. Krabs. I gotcha! (Mr. Krabs lands on SpongeBob) Mr. Krabs?
Mr. Krabs: Grandma.
(Plankton pops out from Mr. Krabs' eye)
Plankton and Mr. Krabs: Huh? (Their eyes look at each other. They both scream. Then SpongeBob screams with them. SpongeBob pushed them off of him and they fall into the hole. Mr. Krabs and Plankton come out the other end of the hole still screaming. Mr. Krabs beats Plankton with a shovel at the same time hitting himself.)
Plankton: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! (SpongeBob comes up from the hole and watches) Ow! Owuhhh.
Mr. Krabs: (Looking dizzy) That'll show hi-- (falls down. Plankton pops out of his eye)
SpongeBob: (His eyes are looking in opposite directions and they come together as his fingers do) Don't you see? If you work together, the Flabby Patty recipe would be yours.
Mr. Krabs: I'll never work with that melignorant microbe.
Plankton: Look what that skin flint did to my antennae.
Mr. Krabs: I've heard all I'm gonna hear from the likes of you. (Walks away)
Plankton: You'll be hearin' from my lawyer is what you'll be hearin'! (Walks away)
(SpongeBob sighs)
Plankton: (at the end of the line at the Flabby Patty holding a megaphone) Stand aside, restaurant critic coming through!
Fish #2: So?
Plankton: I'm a restaurant critic, so I get cutsies.
Fish #2: Cutsies? What's a cutsie?
Plankton: (Waving hand) I get to cut in line, so move aside. Move aside! (Fish turns around ignoring Plankton) What is this world coming to when a fake restaurant critic can't get cutsies?
(Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob pop out from behind the fish. He looks at them)
Mr. Krabs: Okay, so here's the plan. I want you to-- (Mr. Krabs sees the fish and stops talking) I'm sorry, do you mind? (Fish turns his head forwards) Let's go some place more private. (Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob sneak away) Once I stand in line I want you to-- (whispers the rest of the plan to SpongeBob. Walks back the end of the line.) Waitin' in line here. That's all.
Fish #2: Yeah, that's amazing.
SpongeBob: (waving) Hello? I--I have an announcement to make!
Mr. Krabs: Ooo, and announcement. We should listen. It might save your lives.
SpongeBob: (Clears throat) I need to--(Starts starts screaming and wheezing) I'm okay. (Takes really big breath) The fish hooks are coming!
(Everyone screams)
Mr. Krabs: Brilliant work laddie. (Mr. Krabs gets trampled. Gasps and gets up) Hey, how come you're not trampled. (Points at SpongeBob)
Plankton: (Looking at SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs from behind the Flabby Patty shack) That fool Krabs, he blew it again! (laughs) Now to steal the recipe. (Pops head through hole in the side of the shack) Aha! There it is, and it isn't even guarded. (Ground starts to shake and Plankton pop back out of the hole) Huh? (Fish running towards him)
All: Fish hooks! (They scream. Plankton gets trampled)
(Plankton drags himself in the sand towards SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs, grunting with ever pull. Stands up and uses his antennae as a crank to push the sand out of his mouth)
Mr. Krabs: Looks like you blew it again, Plankton.
Plankton: I did better than you, Eugene!
Mr. Krabs: Says who?
SpongeBob: (Separating the two) Now, now, I think we all need to calm down. Fighting is pointless. You two would have the recipe by now if you only worked together.
Mr. Krabs: (grunting) Okay, fine. (grimacing) We'll work together.
Plankton: Yeah, I don't see that workin' out.
SpongeBob: Not to worry gentlemen. I have a plan. (Cuts to Mr. Krabs all dressed up in a disguise. SpongeBob puts a fedora hat on Mr. Krabs) Oh, yeah, perfect.
Mr. Krabs: We look ridiculous. Nobody's gonna buy this disguise.
Plankton: (grunts) I agree. (Plankton is holding up Mr. Krabs) This is a horrible idea. (grunting)
SpongeBob: See? You guys are agreeing already. That's the first step to cooperation. (Word bubble comes out of SpongeBob's mouth showing "Co-operation". It travels and hits Mr. Krabs in the face. Mr. Krabs waves it out of his face)
Mr. Krabs: Okay, what's your stupid plan anyway?
SpongeBob: Look over there. (Pointing)
(Plankton grunts and turns Mr. Krabs)
Mr. Krabs: Little more. Little more.
(Help wanted sign on the Flabby Patty door)
SpongeBob: The Flabby Patty is hiring. If you can get the job, the recipe is yours.
Plankton: (grunting and carrying Mr. Krabs to the door) Why am I on the bottom?
Mr. Krabs: Stop whining! (Knocks on door)
Chef: Yes?
Mr. Krabs: Hello, I'm here to steal--no--darn...I mean, apply for a job. (Mr. Krabs is sweating)
Chef: You're hired. Your first assignment, memorize this recipe. (Handing recipe in bottle to Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs mustache falls off) Well, I'm going on break. Keep and eye on the place.
Mr. Krabs: Yes! The recipe is mine!
Plankton: Not so fast, Krabs! (Throws Mr. Krabs. Grunts. Mr. Krabs lands in the sand head first. Plankton catches the bottle with the recipe) Hahahaha!
Mr. Krabs: (Grunting while stuck in the sand) No you don't, Plankton! (Mr. Krabs pops out of the sand and lands in front of Plankton) Ah! Give it here!
(Both are trying to pull the recipe away)
Plankton: Oh, no you don't!
(Both grunting)
Both: Nooo! (Bottle breaks. Plankton and Mr. Krabs gasp. They yell and dive for the recipe)
Plankton: Yeah, you like that!
(Both on ground fighting for the recipe and mumbling at each other)
Mr. Krabs: The recipe--We did it.
Plankton: We co-op-er-a-ted.
Mr. Krabs: Now, let's see what's the flabby that's in this patty.
Both: Four pounds grade A love.
Plankton: One tablespoon listening. Two tablespoons...understanding? Mix ingredients thoroughly. Fold in warm heart. Sounds like a recipe for cannibalism.
Mr. Krabs: Wait a minute, this isn't a recipe for patties. It's a recipe for friendship.
(Chef walks up to Mr. Krabs and Plankton)
Chef: You see boys, this recipe is no secret, but I do have a surprise.
(SpongeBob pulls off Chef costume)
SpongeBob: Ta-da! I started the Flabby Patty restaurant just to get you two rascals to team up. And so the power of friendship triumphs again.
Mr. Krabs: What? You mean all this was one of your goofball schemes?
Plankton: Now, now, Krabs, SpongeBob has taught us important life lessons, such as, oh, how to fall out of an airplane for instance.
Mr. Krabs: Yeah, and how to comically bludgeon meself.
Plankton: In fact, I think it's time we repay him, don't you?
Mr. Krabs: Great idea, pal. (Clenches fists together. Plankton does the same) We'll teach you about teamwork. Mr. Krabs hops on top of Plankton who carries him. SpongeBob runs away screaming) Get back here! (Plankton chases SpongeBob while carrying Mr. Krabs)
Plankton: We should do this more often, Krabs.