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And Krabs Saves the Day

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

(Man Ray laughing evilly as he flys through the air)
Young Mermaidman: You better give that back, Man Ray.
Man Ray: Or what? Oof! (runs into Mermaidman)
Mermaidman: Or I'll take it back. (whistles. The starfish attaches itself to Mermaidman's nose) Now prepare for a heaping helping of quick-drying tartar sauce.
Man Ray: (gasps) Oh no! (Mermaidman dumps the tartar sauce container over but it's empty)
Mermaidman & Barnacleboy: Huh?
Mermaidman: Empty?
Barnacleboy: But how?
Patrick: (sitting against a rock, belches) What?
Man Ray: Well, well, well...not so tough without your tartar sa-- (Krabs flys through the air yelling and pours a container of tartar sauce on Man Ray, who sighs)
Mermaidman: Who was that?
Barnacleboy: I don't know.
Mr. Krabs: They call me "Super Tightwad." (takes out a piece of paper) Here's me bill for services rendered. (cash register bell dings. Bill is $81,207.00)
Mermaidman: What? We don't have that kind of money.
Super Tightwad: No money, huh? (cut to Krusty Krab where MM is behind the counter and BB is in the kitchen)
Mermaidman: Two Krabby Patties coming right up, sir.
Mr. Krabs: Doing great, boys. Just six more years of work to pay off your debt. (laughs)
Mermaidman: Man Ray suddenly doesn't seem very evil.
Barnacleboy: No.