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Neptune's Origins

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

SpongeBob: The story of (pulls pants off screen) King Neptune. (begin story) When King Neptune was a little Neptune, his mother set him adrift in the river. (his mother tosses him in a cradle bed) As he floated along, a radioactive meteor fell to Earth. (alien flys over to baby Neptune) An alien appeared and anointed the infant with super Neptune fluid. (squirts purple juice on Neptune) By the time he was in school, he had already begun exhibiting signs of super-duperness. (holding a teacher's desk up while dunking a basketball) As an adult, he would fly through the sea helping people and getting snails out of sea trees. (Neptune hands an elderly lady fish her snail and gives a thumbs up)
Patrick: Is that really the origin of King Neptune? (End story. Patrick lying in bed with SpongeBob holding a MM&BB comic in his hand)
SpongeBob: Um... sure.