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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

(at the Krusty Krab where Neptune and four other gods are sitting at a table with a sign that says 'Reserved for gods')
Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob, if you were a god like Neptune here... (touches Neptune's fin and Neptune slaps him with it) ...what would you do?
SpongeBob: Well, Patrick, I'm glad you asked that question. (becomes big and speaks in a deep voice) I would... (normal voice) give free Krabby Patties to the whole darn town. (Krabby Patties coming out of his eyeballs, which covers the town)
Mr. Krabs: Not free!
SpongeBob: (flying down from above) And if I saw a frown. (sees Squidward's frown) Aha! I'd turn it upside-down. (throws a lightning bolt at Squidward which turns his frown upside-down but then disappears) And as for toxic waste I don't care for the taste. (takes a bite of the toxic waste and his face peels off. Cut to tiny SpongeGod whispering in Patrick's ear) So listen to my scheme I'd change it into ice cream! (toxic waste changes into ice cream. End song) And that's what I would do. What would you do, Patrick?
Patrick: Ditto.