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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

(at Goo Lagoon)
SpongeBob: Go long! (throws a green frisbee in the air and then chases after it himself. A fish drinking juice watches SpongeBob run by him but then the frisbee hits him in the head, causing his juice to spill on the sand. SpongeBob catches the frisbee) Gotcha!
Fish: You spilled my juice! (cries)
SpongeBob: (gasps) Aw, don't cry, you little dickens. (uses his toes to wipe off the tears. As he gets a tear, his toe enlarges. The fish gets an idea) Tut-tut. You're in good hands. (sucks up the juice on the ground and then extracts it into his cup) There you are, darling. Lots of vitamins in there. (a group of fish walk up)
Fish #2: Look you guys, Jimmy's hanging out with Juiceman.
All: Oh-oh, Juiceman pick me! Me next, Juiceman! We love you Juiceman! (SpongeBob winks)