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"Saloon Door Sorrows" Starring SpongeBuck

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

(silent film)
(SpongeBuck walking through Dead Eye Gulch when words on the screen appear)
SpongeBuck: "I can't wait to see my pals over at the Krusty Kantina."
(tries to push the saloon doors in but can't. Words appear on the screen)
SpongeBuck: "These doors seem to be stuck."
(pushes doors but the doors push back and send him flipping back. He runs at them and flips around and backwards onto the ground. He sees the doors are left open and he tries to go through but the doors catch him in the middle, squeezing him. Sandy walks through other saloon doors with Pecos Patrick. Words on the screen appear)
Sandy: "I wonder why SpongeBuck didn't show?"