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(SpongeBob and Patrick are putting apples, candy, toys, a bone, and Patrick's shorts in a bowl. SpongeBob steps in the bowl up and down. The mixture is poured into a pie tin then Patrick covers it with the crust. SpongeBob takes it over to the grill in his kitchen, upside-down)
SpongeBob: Ah, pie fried on the grill. Just as nature intended. (flips it to be right-side-up. Patrick grabs it but it burns and he is screaming. SpongeBob then grabs it with mittens on and walks over and sets it on the window. The steam blows itself over to Squidward. He smells it and then eats it) Squidward, have you seen our pie? The one we spent all morning cooking just for you.
Squidward: I'm sure it'll turn up. (burps. Patrick's shorts come out from his mouth in a bubble)
SpongeBob: Hey, Patrick, we found your shorts!
Patrick: Hooray!