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Me Money

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

(at Krusty Krab)
Mr. Krabs: Time to count me money! (opens vault and no money is in there) My money! Squidward! (turned Squidward upside-down and shaking him and his money out of his pockets)
Squidward: (screaming) I don't have your money!
SpongeBob: I know who took your money.
Mr. Krabs: Tell me and I'll let you watch me tear them into a thousand little pieces, mash them altogether, and tear them into a thousand little pieces all over again!
SpongeBob: (cries) It was me, Mr. Krabs! Please don't tear me into a thousand pieces then mash me up together again then tear me to pieces again!
Mr. Krabs: Why SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: (opens kitchen door) To clean and polish it. (both walk in the kitchen to see money nice and clean)
Mr. Krabs: Well I'll be a sea-monkey's uncle. (cut to Krabs at the vault with a sack of coins) Here's another batch, SpongeBob. (hands SpongeBob, who's in the vault, the bag of coins)
SpongeBob: I'm on it, Mr. K.
Mr. Krabs: Me money never looked better. Thanks SpongeBob!