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Crossing The Street

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

(cars driving back and forth on the street while an elderly fish is waiting to cross)
SpongeBob: SpongeBob SquarePants at your service, for I am an honorary crossing guard! Yup, you're safe with me. (fish hits him with her umbrella on the head three times)
Lady Fish: You made me miss my bus!
SpongeBob: We'll see about that. (puts the fish on his back and runs after the bus)
Lady Fish: Yee-haw! (using her umbrella as a whip. SpongeBob's shoe blows a hole and he trips, sending the fish flying past the bus. However, she uses her umbrella to safely float down onto the top of the bus) Thank you, SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Oh, you're... (bus runs over him) welcome.