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Patrick the Snowman

Episode Info
Typed By: ssj4gogita4

Nigel Thornberry: It all started with the first snowfall of the year.
Carl Wheezer: It's perfect!
Sheen Estevez: It's awesome!
Cindy Vortex: It's hideous.
Jimmy Neutron: What it needs is my latest invention: I call it 'The Spoofinator 4000.' Now let's fire it up. (puts hat on top of the snowman and it turns it into a real Patrick Star)
Patrick Star: Birthday happy.
All: It's alive!
Nigel: The children loved their new winter friend. And it wasn't long before they were spending all their time together. (Patrick is having fun but others are not) But it wasn't long before he had outstayed his welcome...about a minute.
Patrick: Poke. (pokes Carl with a stick)
Carl: Ow.
Patrick: Poke. Poke.
Nigel: Unfortunately, the end of winter was a long way off and the children have to come up with a plan.
Jimmy: First, we'll fuse my Photon Hyper Nuclear Resonator with Sheen's Electronic Ultralord; thus, creating a wormhole in the space-time continuum and propelling him into the future.
Cindy: Or we could just melt him.
Everyone else: Nah.
Nigel: It was then that they decided to send their cold creation into the distant future. (flash forward) 70 years later.
Patrick: Poke. Poke. Poke. (poking old Carl with a stick)
Old Cindy: Nice going, Grandpa Genius.
Skeleton Nigel: The End. (bones break) Honestly now.