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How The You-Know-Who Stole You-Know-What!

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

Now every toon down in Toonville liked Nickman a lot
But Angelica who lived just north did not
It could be her pigtails were pulled too tight
It could be Cynthia got lost one night
But the real reason most folks would concur
Is she thought all the chocolate should be just for her
As she looked down at all the toon cheer
She had thoughts of stealing Nickmas this year
So she hopped on her Malibu Cynthia sleigh
And took off for Nickville that very day
She snuck through Toonville and very soon
She was stealing chocolate from eveyr NickToon
A chocolate helmet, a chocolate board
Chocolate figure of Ultralord
Chocolate patties on a chocolate grill
Chocolate worms from Phil and Lil
Chocolate chalk from Rudy's work
Chocolate from all around the earth
But just as she finished stealing her haul
Out came the little NickToon of all
Little Plankton Loo Who
Who had one eye not two who

Plankton: What is going on here?
Narrator: When Angelica tried to think of a lie
something to use as a quick alibi
She patted Plankton on the head
And clicked the green bean back to bed
Then she turned around and went on her way
Back up the mountain with a thousand pound sleigh
But when she got up to the very tip top
She thought about something that made her stop
Tomorrow morning in ToonVille there would be no treats
No Nickmas goodies, no Nickmas treats
And as she looked down at her big Nickmas haul
She thought of the toons having nothing at all
And she decided right then and there
She really, truly didn't care
The real reason for Nickmas as far as she could see was

Angelica: Lots of chocolate all for me
Narrator: And all the toons in ToonVille say
When Angelica's tummy grew two-hundred sizes that day (burp)