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The Endless Summer

Episode Info
Typed By: iPlankton

SpongeBob: (singing) I'm off to work at the Krusty Krab frying up Patties and bladdity blab!
(He stops singing and we see The Krusty Krab with a smoke stack. Inside, a car pumps exhaust through a tube to the ceiling.)
SpongeBob Huh? That's new. Strange place to park a car. What's this for?
(He pulls off the tube and gets tangled in it)
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! You're wasting my precious carbon dioxide!
SpongeBob: Carbon Dioxide?
Mr. Krabs: I'm pumpin' it into the atmosphere, boy. Thanks to Global Warming the temperature will soon go through the roof. And then we'll have an endless summer.
SpongeBob: Why do you want an endless summer Mr. Krabs?
(They go outside, where thereis a swimming pool.)
Mr. Krabs: So I can open me latest money maker, The Krusty Pool!
SpongeBob: But what about winter sports, Mr. Krabs?
Mr. Krabs: Eh, forget winter, boy, we're talking about sun bathing and swimming all year long!
SpongeBob: Hm.. The endless summer does sound like fun!
Mr. Krabs: And profitible!
SpongeBob: Fun and profitible! Big business does it again. I just wish the endless summer could start now! (Gets an idea) Hey!
(Cut to Mr. Krabs' office, where he plays with little clay figures.)
Toy Mr. Krabs: Umbrellas are three dollars, sir!
Toy Fish: Oh! What a bargain! I'll give you five!
Mr. Krabs: What the barnacles? It suddenly got a little warm in here!
(Opening the door)
Mr. Krabs: Who turned up the hea-?
(He sees many cars plugged into tubes like the one from earlier and goes outside)
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, what are you doing?
SpongeBob: Just throwing another tire for the fire for Global Warming, Mr. Krabs!
(He laughs)
SpongeBob: Hey Look! It's working! The entire town is heading to this way to cool off.
Mr. Krabs: You mean pay off! Hurry, SpongeBob, fill the pool, fill the pool!
SpongeBob: Aye, aye, sir!
Mr. Krabs: The money is ready folks! The line starts here! (The fish trample Mr. Krabs with only Patrick left.)
Mr. Krabs: Where's everybody going?
Patrick: We are all moving to north! We can't live here anymore! It's too hot!
Mr. Krabs: All me customers are moving to cooler climates.
SpongeBob: Look at the bright side Mr. Krabs! There won't be time to go to the pool!
(He jumps into the pool, but suddenly the water evaporates.)
SpongeBob: Caaannooonnnbaaaalll!!! (He slams into the pool) Ouch!