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Reef Blower

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Typed By: ssj4gogita4

Squidward walks out of his house and looks around Bikini Bottom when he notices his flower is bent, so he straightens it. He looks around again and then notices a shell on his front yard. He walks over to it then looks around to see if anyone is watching. No one is so he kicks the shell into SpongeBob's yard. Soon, SpongeBob looks out his window. He then notices the shell on his lawn and gets an idea. He then slides around on the ground into his garage. The door opens and SpongeBob comes out with a leaf blower on his back. Squidward lifts his head while laying in a hammock to see where all the noise is coming from. He groans and puts some earplugs to work. SpongeBob walks over and blows on the shell with his reef blower. The shell just floats upward and comes back down but then He tries again, and yet the same thing happens. He tries once more really hard and puts a hole in the ground where the sand used to be. While Squidward is eating some food at a table outside, all that sand that SpongeBob blew from the hole comes pouring down on him. SpongeBob runs over to see if he's all right. SpongeBob blows off the sand including the piece of seaweed that Squidward was eating and the sand goes into Squidward's eyes. SpongeBob then blows Squidward's eyeballs off which makes Squidward's eyes water. SpongeBob notices a pile of sand on his yard and points to it. He says "You!" (subtitle on bottom). He sucks up all the sand in his leaf blower bag. After he sucks it up and looks at his clean yard, the reef blower begins to shake. After it does that for about 3 seconds, all the sand that he sucked up spits out and onto his yard. SpongeBob flips his reef blower around and unzips the back. He picks up all the sand and puts it in. He pulls the handle, but nothing happens. So, he pulls it back really far past the 4-way intersection. He takes a break and gets the dirt off his hand and grabs the handle again. He then flies off holding it. He flies past an intersection of traffic and he slams into the reef blower and starts to go wacky. It sucks up all the water in the ocean. Squidward takes a breath and notices there is no water so he holds his breath. Then SpongeBob notices the size of his bag on his reef blower. It explodes and the sand is all over Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob walks out of a sand door pile and it collapses after he closes it. He then walks back into his house with his new clean yard. Squidward is covered in sand and so is everything else around his house. The shell then floats down onto his nose.