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A Life in a Day

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(at Goo Lagoon.)
SpongeBob: (licking on an ice cream cone) Mmm! This is how to live, isn't it, my friend?
Patrick: (tanning) You said it buddy. (engine roaring of Larry on a motorcycle. SpongeBob and Patrick scream as Larry's motorcycle lands by them then drives off, kicking sand in their faces. Larry does a flip, drives through a picnic, then pushes the brake and goes in circles on the motorcycle which kicks more sand on SpongeBob and Patrick. Larry rides hit motorcycle over the sand pile of SpongeBob and Patrick then up a lifeguard stand, which catches fire and everyone cheers)
Girl Fish #14: He's amazing!
Frank: I'll say. (Larry dunks a basketball into a basketball goal and shatters it. As he if falling from the sky, he pushes a button and a glider pops out and makes him soar through the air. He goes over a sandcastle a couple of kids are making and sets fire to the flag at the top of the castle)
Kids: Whoa! (the glider comes off and Larry stops the motorcycle. Everyone crowds around him and cheers)
Girl Fish #14: Who is that guy?
Girl Fish #46: That's Larry the Lobster. He's like living large!
Fish #37a: What's your secret Larry?
Larry: Well, you got to take risks. (does a flip onto the motorcycle handles) Live on the edge. (Larry's motorcycle rides into a boulder and shoots him onto a surfing board that a surfer is using out in the ocean. Larry lands upside-down)
All: Ooh...! (Larry then comes back to shore)
Larry: And you can't... uh... you can't, uh... (sees SpongeBob and Patrick whimpering and picks them up) And you can't live like these two. Just look at 'em. Spineless. (turns them around to show scars on their backs) Weak. (touches them and they fall flat to the ground) Afraid of their own shadows. (both scream as they see their shadows then start to whimper) Pathetic!
Fish #37a: Larry, how can they redeem their worthless lives?
Larry: I'll tell you how. By living each day as if it were their last.
Patrick: How do we do that?
Larry: By living like me-- Larry.
Patrick: But what's that... (Larry closes his mouth)
Larry: Bup, bup, bup, bup. By livin'... like Larry.
SpongeBob & Patrick: Livin' like Larry.
Larry: Livin' like Larry! (walks away)
Patrick: Livin' like Larry. Livin' like Larry. (cut to Patrick blowing bubbles from SpongeBob's bubble wand a few times with weak exhaling) This is bogus!
SpongeBob: What's that, Pat?
Patrick: SpongeBob, these are the best years of our lives, and you want to waste them blowing bubbles? We should be living in the moment. We should be living like Lar... (seahorses neighing) This is it, SpongeBob. This is where we redeem are miserable lives. It's time to start... (jumps in the air then stops) like Larry! (goes back down and lands on a seahorse) Woo-hoo! (laughing as he rides a seahorse around) Yee-haw! Woo-hoo! Hey, SpongeBob! SpongeBob? (SpongeBob inserts a quarter to a seahorse kiddie ride)
SpongeBob: I'm living like Larry. Woo-hoo. (cut to SpongeBob's house where Patrick kicks in the front door wrapped up in bandages)
Patrick: Where were you SpongeBob? That was awesome! (carries SpongeBob outside with him)
SpongeBob: Hey Patrick, where you going?
Patrick: To live, my friend! We are going to live. (cut to "A#1 Wreckers") This is going to be the most fun yet! (a boat is smashed from all sides then gets put on a pile of other boats by a giant spatula. Three flamethrows torch the pile of boats then a giant iron fist punches the pile a few times)
SpongeBob: I don't know about this, Patrick.
Patrick: You must defeat your reason before you can start... (jumps up in the air again, then stops) ...livin' like Larry! (jumps into one of the boats on the machine) Woo-hoo! SpongeBob! This is it! (gets smashed from the sides then while the picture is on SpongeBob, Patrick gets smashed from all sides, gets put into the pile of boats, gets the three flamethrowers sprayed at him, and the giant iron fist punches the pile. Patrick is screaming through all of this. Cut to SpongeBob's house)
SpongeBob: (humming a tune) Living like Larry. Do, do, dee-dee, do. (putting letters on his socks and alphabetizing them) Living like Larry. Dee-dee... Living like Larry. (Patrick kicks through the door, still in the smashed-up boat. Then he breaks out of it)
Patrick: Come on SpongeBob, what are you waiting for? Let's go. (cut to Spongebob & Patrick running)
SpongeBob: Uh, Patrick, where are we going?
Patrick: Just you wait. it's the ultimate! (running up a roller coaster ramp) What do you think? And wait 'til you see the best part! (stomps on the ramp) Hey, you guys. (bunch of monsters' arms rise up from the pit)
SpongeBob: I-I don't know, Patrick. This looks very dangerous. (Patrick ties a skateboard to the back of SpongeBob, as well as himself)
Patrick: Here's to livin' like Larry!
SpongeBob: W-wait a minute Patrick. I think you're missing the point. "Livin' like Larry" doesn't mean throwing caution to the wind and risking everything on a stunt that will cost you your life!
Patrick: Uh... don't you mean, cost us our lives SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: No, Patrick, I mean your life. I'm not going. (detaches the skateboard and drops it off on the side)
Patrick: I see. And that's your final word on the subject?
SpongeBob: Mm-hmm.
Patrick: I feel sorry for you. Woo-hoo! (slides down the ramp then falls into the pit of monsters. Cut to the Krusty Krab)
SpongeBob: I wonder how Patrick's doing with his "livin' like Larry" thing.
Patrick: SpongeBob! (SpongeBob looks out the front doors) SpongeBob! (Patrick is running away from motorcycle gang. He runs into the Krusty Krab. The motorcycle gang stops in front of the doors on their motorcycles) You were right SpongeBob. I went too far! I went too far! (sobbing)
SpongeBob: Oh, it's okay buddy. I think you've learned your lesson. Hmm?
Patrick: Uh-huh.
Biker: Don't make us come in there, kid!
SpongeBob: Now, you just let me handle those guys out there. (bikers clammoring outside as SpongeBob walks outside with Patrick) Gentlemen, Gentlemen!
Biker #2: What the...?
SpongeBob: I know that you might be angry at my friend for his shenanigans, but you are not the only victim. His reckless thrill chasing has made him a hollow shell of his former self. Just look. (wind blows through Patrick's shell) So, let me assure you, his days of "living in the moment" are over. Can you not forgive him for whatever he did?
Biker #3: Sure pal. Sure. (he and Patrick shake hands)
SpongeBob: By the way, what did he do that made you all so cranky? (SpongeBob leans on the motorcycles and causes a domino effect to knock them all down)
Biker #3: He knocked over our motorcycles. (SpongeBob & Patrick start running and panting hard)
SpongeBob: So scared. Adrenalin pumping. Spine tingling! Endorphins rushing. I've never felt so alive! Oh, yeah, baby! Yeah! This is what Patrick was talking about! This is really living in the moment! Oh-yeah! This... is... life! Whoo! Whoo! Oh, yes! (gets knocked in the air by one of the motorcycles) Now I am really livin' like Larry! (cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick on top of a giant bow & arrow)
Patrick: Are you sure about this, SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: Oh, come on Patrick, what happened to being in the moment?
Patrick: I don't know SpongeBob. This looks pretty dangerous.
SpongeBob: (slaps Patrick's back) Yeah, yeah, you said it buddy! Now we're really livin' like Larry!
Larry: (looks through some binoculars and notices the giant bow & arrow and then SpongeBob & Patrick) Well, would you look at that. Now there's two guys who know how to live!
SpongeBob: Prepare for countdown.
Larry: I'm proud of them. (looks through binoculars again) Wait a minute. With that angle of trajectory, they'll land right in... Rippers Reef! They'll be ripped to shreds! (jumps down from the lifeguard stand and runs with a life-preserver attached to a rope, with him) Wait... don't do it! Stop!
SpongeBob: Three. Two. One. Lift off. (pulls a rope, which causes the arrow to set off)
Larry: Drat! (throws the life-preserver at the arrow to attach it)
SpongeBob: Whoo! Woo-hoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! (life preserver attaches to the arrow)
Larry: Whoa! (grunts as he climbs up the rope) Look, guys, my advice wasn't meant to be taken literally. I meant to live life to the fullest-- not to maim yourselves! Look! (they see the pointy reef)
Patrick: Oh! (Larry screams then they all crash into the reef. Cut to the hospital where Patrick and Larry are moaning from their injuries)
SpongeBob: Hey, what are you two lazy bones doing lying around? There's a really cool ramp down the hall. I got room for two more. What would Larry do?
Larry: (angrily) What would Larry do? I'll show you what Larry would do! (chases SpongeBob on his one good leg out of the hospital) Come here! Come here I said! Hey!