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(wind is blowing hard)
Male Fish: Neptune's turned up quite a gale tonight. He must be mad about something.
Female Fish: (cackles) That's silly. Everyone knows Poseidon is the ruler of the undersea. (the bag from the Diner slips out of her hand as the wind keeps blowing) My leftovers!
Male Fish: (cries) No...! Why, dear Neptune?! (bag crashes through SpongeBob's window and splatters all over his face. He licks it off)
SpongeBob: Mm-hmm. Goulash. (sticks head out the window) Hey out there! You dropped your goulash! Hello...! (the wind blowing through his holes is making some music) My pores are whistling in the wind. (he stretches his body in different ways to make different sounds, laughing as he does this. A jellyfish swims over to SpongeBob and hums the tune the wind is making through his body) That tickles. Aww, the little critter likes my whistling pores. (the jellyfish goes into his head and swims around his brain really fast) That tickles! (laughs)
Moon: shift's over. (sun suddenly appears)
Sun: Time for work, SpongeBob.
SpongeBob: Alright, Jelly, out you go. (takes deep breath and gets the jellyfish out) It's been real fun but I gotta get to work. (Jelly follows) Quite a wind this morning, eh Jelly? (wind blows SpongeBob back) Whoa! (holds on to some rocks as more jellyfish join) Hey, Sparky, can you tell your friends I don't have to play right now? (jellyfish come to swim around SpongeBob. He giggles) Oh, no, please! Stop it. Please stop it! (wind blows SpongeBob back on the side of his bed. The clock ticks forward a minute) Oh! I'm going to be late! (runs out the door with his face upside-down. As soon as he opens the front door, the Jellyfish pick him up) I told you I don't have time to play right now! (drops and the wind blows him back into his house) I have not been tardy one time in my career as a fry cook and I'm not going to start today. (uses a pair of underwear as a slingshot but the Jellyfish use their tentacles as a slingshot to send him back. Jellyfish laugh as they close the door on SpongeBob's hands, enlarging them) I need to call for some help. (fingers are too big) My fingers are too big for the buttons. (uses his nose to dial the Krusty Krab)
Mr. Krabs: Hello, this be the Krusty Krab.
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, I need you!
Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, where you been? Customers are blowing in here like nobody's business. (a long line of customers. The wind blows in another customer at the end of the line)
SpongeBob: I am sorry Mr. Krabs, but these jellyfish don't want me to go to work!
Mr. Krabs: Jellyfish?
SpongeBob: They're attracted to my... whistley holes.
Mr. Krabs: Uh... I'll never understand what you just said. But if it's transportation you need, I know just the thing. (Mr. Krabs grabs a fishing rod and starts reeling in SpongeBob) Gotcha! Ooh, this one's putting up a fight. Fighting too hard. (shows SpongeBob getting tossed in the air) You're gonna reel him in, Krabs. You got to wear him down. Give him a little slack... (releases some string) ...then yank! (pulls on the rod) Give it a little slack... (releases some string) ...then yank! (pulls on the rod and finally gets SpongeBob, beaten up) There he is, ready for work. Run back there, boy. Now get in there and start pushing out them patties.
SpongeBob: Aye aye sir. (now in the kitchen) Let's get these patties started right! (wind blows the patties onto the wall) That gives me an idea. (makes the Krabby Patties on the wall as the wind blows all the ingredients. The wind then makes more music through his holes, luring the jellyfish into the Krusty Krab) Oh, no! They found me! (jellyfish come through the chimney) No! No, no, guys, please! Would you mind coming back after business hours? I'm trying to work here. (the wind blows the Krusty Krab building off the ground and everyone out. SpongeBob gets blown to Patrick's rock) Whoa!
Weatherman: The weather situation is much worse across the country... And it looks like these winds aren't going to stop any time soon...! (gets blown away)
Patrick: (chuckles) Fishy go bye-bye. (eats kelp cream)
Female Fish #2: And that's the way it is in 'Your World Today.' (Patrick throws his ice cream at the TV)
Patrick: Boring! I don't want to watch any of this boring stuff. I want to watch something decent like...
SpongeBob: Sorry, Patrick, I need a place to hide from these jellyfish.
Patrick: What jellyfish?
SpongeBob: Ever since the wind started, a sound whistles through my holes that jellyfish seem to love. (rock open's and the whistling tune attracts the jellyfish inside)
Patrick: Hey pal. (Jellyfish stings him) Oh! SpongeBob! Get out of here! (Jellyfish take him up in the air) I'm sorry, SpongeBob, but you've become a negative influence.
SpongeBob: (laughs) At least the wind stopped. (Jellyfish sting him. SpongeBob runs away and hides in a cave) I think I lost them. Well I guess I'll just stay here... where it's safe...and quiet...and dark. (laughs nervously then gulps) It's ok. I'll only hide out here for a second. Yeah, it shouldn't take long. Behind these rocks. These sedentary, lifeless rocks.
Narrator: Later.
SpongeBob: (built a rock statue of himself) Hey, buddy, just thought I'd spruce you up a little. What's that? Ooh, you don't say. Well, guess what? You're my best friend, too. Mm-hmm. Come on, let's have some fun. Look buddy! Mm...! Dinner's ready. Here, let's have some tea. Want some sugar, buddy, hmm? One lump, or two? Oh, you can have it all. (puts sugar in tea) I feel comfortable around you. (eats the rock-cubed sugar) Can I confess something? Cause I know you'll understand. I have this problem. I seem to attract jellyfish (laughs) How do you handle a thing like that, hmm? Yeah, yeah. I'm at a loss, too. Oh, barnacles! I'm gonna be stuck in this cave forever! (SpongeBob sighs. As he sighs, the air coming from him makes sound in the stone version of SpongeBob) Of course, buddy, brilliant idea! (carries the stone version of himself outside) We'll see what happens this time. (the jellyfish come) Oh, here they come! Go get em, buddy! (jellyfish don't like the music that stone SpongeBob whistles. The wind whistles through real SpongeBob and makes a melody sound. SpongeBob laughs nervously) Hey guys. Long time, no see. What do you think about my little friend's song? (stone SpongeBob plays off-key) Something wrong? (Jellyfish sting SpongeBob and he runs back into the cave) Hmm, I crafted one stone SpongeBob that uttered a note in a foul key. But if I were to craft another in a different size, (pulls down a chalkboard blueprint plan) the dimension of the hollow center multiplied by the number of holes may offer another tune, one that could soothe those jellyfish. But which one is the right size?! Eh, I guess I'll just have to make a bunch of them. (hums a happy tune while making more stone SpongeBobs. Pushes them all in a circle outside) Ok, that should do 'er. (the stone SpongeBobs whistle a tune through their pores as the wind continues to blow) Whoa. It actually worked. (sighs) They're finally leaving me alone. I can go back to work now. (laughs) Krusty Krab, here I come! (SpongeBob stops running) How long was I gone? (Krusty Krab is buried in some sand) No! (screaming and crying)
Narrator: 3,000 YEARS LATER.
Alien: To this day, no one knows why these mysterious statues were created or by whom. (one of the aliens takes a picture) All we know is that the genius of their design has caused the annual migration of jellyfish to their wondrous tune. (Jellyfish come and swim in and out of the pores)