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Airdate:July 31, 1999
@10:00 am EST
Season: 1
Prod. Number: 3a
Air Number: 3a
Paired With:Plankton!
Directors:Chris Mitchell (storyboard), Alan Smart (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Writers:Steve Fonti, Chris Mitchell, Peter Burns, and Tim Hill
Songs:Nick's B. Danube
Nick's B. Danube
Plot:When SpongeBob and Patrick find Squidward is recovering from a bicycling accident, they decide to take him jellyfishing so he can have his "best day ever". Unfortunately, their good intentions wreak havoc on Squidward's recovery efforts.
On Video:
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Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"We're gonna make this your best day ever! Well your best day's sure not gonna be out there."

"Da, da, da, da, dum. Da, da, da, da, dum. Da, da, da, da, dum."