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Airdate:November 30, 2001
Season: 2
Prod. Number: 37a
Air Number: 39a
Paired With:I'm With Stupid
Directors:Walt Dohrn and Paul Tibbitt (storyboard), Tom Yasumi (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Writers:Walt Dohrn, Paul Tibbitt, Mr. Lawrence
Plot:SpongeBob's got an essay to write, but every time he begins, he finds another excuse to stop.
On Video:
Christmas Christmas The Complete Second Season The First 100 Episodes

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"I know I have an essay to write. Now come on, Gary. I've gotta make sure you get your nutrition, so I'm not leaving until you eat every single bite. Gary, a-are you sure you don't want some crème brulee? Or-or some choco-flavored algae bits? Gee, Gary sure made a mess. I can't work on my essay knowing there's a mess in the kitchen. Hmm. I might as well clean the rest of the floor while I'm at it. I should get these hard to reach places, too. And these dishes need to be cleaned. Can't have dirty garbage. Well, I think it's clean enough now!"