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Airdate:November 30, 2001
Season: 2
Prod. Number: 37a
Air Number: 39a
Paired With:I'm With Stupid
Directors:Walt Dohrn and Paul Tibbitt (storyboard), Tom Yasumi (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Writers:Walt Dohrn, Paul Tibbitt, Mr. Lawrence
Plot:SpongeBob's got an essay to write, but every time he begins, he finds another excuse to stop.
On Video:
Christmas Christmas The Complete Second Season The First 100 Episodes

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"Did you hear that? We get an assignment!"

"It should be against the law to have to write an essay on such a super, sailor-ific, sun-shiny day. Oh…but I must press onward, because with this pencil, and the completion of this essay, I'll be one step closer to my driver's license. Oh, yeah. This'll be no prob-lemo. Why, I got plenty of time. It's only six o'clock. Ok. Ok, here we go. Here we go. I know! I just need to get a little blood pumpin' in the ol' noodle. How about some calisthenics! Hup-hoo! Hup-hoo! Hup-hoo! Hup-hoo! I can feel those juices pumpin' now! Dahahahahaha!!! What am I doin'?! I gotta write that paper! Come on pencil, make words."