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Gary Takes a Bath

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Airdate:July 26, 2003
Season: 2
Prod. Number: 33b
Air Number: 32
Paired With:Shanghaied
Directors:Aaron Springer (storyboard), Frank Weiss (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Writers:Aaron Springer, C.H. Greenblatt, Merriwether Williams
Plot:It's going to take everything SpongeBob's got to lure Gary into the bathtub.
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"I don't know what a snail would want with a broach. Now why don't you just get into the tub. Get in the tub! Get in the tub. Get in the tub. In the tub. In the tub. Now, Gary, are you gonna get in this tub or am I gonna have to... Gary, could you... Gary, no! Gary!"

"Don't use that tone of voice with me. You will do what I say when I say. What are you doing? I am talking to you, mister. Do not go near that mud puddle! Gary, the snail, do you hear me? I am giving you three seconds to get away from that mud puddle. One, two, two and a half...don't make me say three. Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary! I'm a dirty boy."