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Airdate:October 29, 2016
@10:30 am EST
Season: 10
Prod. Number: 205b
Air Number: 205b
Paired With:Whirly Brains
Directors:Sherm Cohen (Supervising), Bob Jacques (Animation)
Writers:Mr. Lawrence
Songs:Mermaidman Our Hero
I Hate SpongeBob, I Hate Patrick
Plot:A game of superheroes turns scary for SpongeBob and Patrick when Mermaidman and Barnacleboy's foes appear.
On Video:
The Complete Tenth Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"I'm sure I've heard that "no" before."

"And so ends another numb-skulled episode of the preposterous pair, Mermaid Pants and Barnacle Star! Tune in next time for more mind-running adventures! I've really gotta find another job! I wonder if it's too late to go back to college radio!"
-TV Announcer