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Salsa Imbecilicus

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Airdate:July 15, 2016
@5:30 pm EST
Season: 9
Prod. Number: 203b
Air Number: 203b
Paired With:Pineapple Invasion
Directors:Brian Morante (Storyboard), Dave Cunningham (Supervising), Vincent Waller (Creative), Marc Ceccarelli (Animatic), Tom Yasumi (Animation)
Plot:Plankton's latest invention turns everybody but Sandy and Karen into morons like Patrick.
On Video:
The Complete Ninth Season

This is one of the few times we see Sandy and Karen interacting.
Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"I don't get it. A crab's brain is smaller than the point of a pencil, but he keeps outsmarting me!"

"Oh, P.U.! What's that awful stench? You're not boiling your underpants again, are you?"