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Ghoul Fools

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Airdate:October 21, 2011
Season: 8
Prod. Number: 162
Air Number: 195
Directors:Luke Brookshier, Marc Ceccarelli (Storyboard), Vincent Waller (Creative), Andrew Overtoom, Tom Yasumi (Animation)
Writers:Luke Brookshier, Marc Ceccarelli, Derek Iversen
Songs:Ghouls O The Briny Deep
Plot:When a haunted houseboat crashes into Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to check it out. They meet the ghost captain named Lord Poltergeist, who steals their souls until they buy him a new head gasket for his boat. After+ Mr. Krabs gives them one, he and Squidward tag along in order to find any treasure they can take from the ghost ship.
On Video:
Ghouls Fools The Complete Eighth Season SpongeBob ScaryPants Collection

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"Look at the attention to detail in his mouth. It's so rotten and slimy. His bad breath is incredible! His hair is very thin, too. It's dirty. Ew. It reeks, and check out the work-ship on the jaw mechanism. Remarkable-built quality! Obviously a puppet or a robot! Hey, we must be in one of those pizza parlors, with one of those singing animated robots!"

"I got it!"