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The Pilot a Mini-Movie and the Square Shorts

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Release Date: January 6, 2015
-Help Wanted
-Reef Blower
-Truth or Square

-And Krabs Saves the Day
-Anything for Baby
-Are We There Yet?
-Crossing the Street
-Crusty Eyes (Beware Flying Jellyfish)
-Flowers for Sandy
-Going for a Ride (Loop Dee Loop)
-GumShoe SquarePants
-Jellyfish Fields PSA (Tips for Jellyfish Fields)
-Jellyfish Trauma Center (Trauma! aka Plankton Pays)
-Jellyfishing Safety Tips
-Krabs Cooks (What if SpongeBob Was Gone? #3 (Mr. Krabs))
-Lessons Learned
-Me Money
-New Sparring Buddy (What if SpongeBob Was Gone? #2 (Sandy))
-Pat Goes Jellyfishing (What if SpongeBob Was Gone? #4 (Patrick))
-Saloon Door Sorrows
-Sand Castle - Swim Lessons (Remodeling)
-Sandy's Camera (Our Big Road Trip aka Documenting Our Road Trip)
-Sandy's Vacation in Ruins
-Separation Anxiety
-Snailhouse Chockablock (What if SpongeBob Was Gone? #1 (Gary))
-SpongeBob's Legendary Dance Party
-SpongeLock Holmes (SpongeLock Holmes and Dr. Patson)
-Surfing Dreams!
-Swim Lessons
-The Creature Frumunda The Sink (Moldy Sponge)
-The Legend of SpongeBob
-The Outfit
-The Story of King Neptune
-Things to Do When Encountering a Legendary Creature
-Time Machine
-Tips On Looking Tough in The Wild West (Yokel to Tough Guy)
-What if the Mystery Ended This Way...?