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Professional wrestlers

Full Name: Professional wrestlers
Occupation: Former Heavyweight Champion
Description: The two fishes there, are the former Bikini Bottom wrestling's heavyweight champions. They are from unknown specieses. Their names are unknown, although the site "spongepedia" the green one as "Jim". They are huge fishes as they also wore identical wrestling t-shirts (one is yellow, and the other is white). The green bloke wears a headband. Their attitude suggested they simply forgot that pro-wrestling is elaborately fake. They are huge, menacing, chemistrical, intimidating, and agile, like 2 Kane's on Big Shows bipolar ring vests. They lost the title to the "Krusty Krushers". 2 plum heads with the 2nd most depressing wrestling gimmick, only beaten by "Eugene", as they were ripped to shreds after Patrick's finishing move, "Iron Buns".