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Squeeze Tentacles

Full Name: Squeeze Tentacles
Cast Voice: Rodger Bumpass
Occupation: Unemployed
Description: Appeared in "Stanley S. SquarePants." Squidward's cousin, Squeeze, is another member of the Squid family, that failed to live up to his hypes, like Casper Van Dien. He has erected nose full of acne, a bad under-jaw, wears terrible t-shirts, and something that his (incredibly) more succesful cousin, Squidward, had, blonde hairs, which is the only thing anyone could envy about him. And that's hypotheticall. The only lines he ever uttered were "Whatever". His attitude is unknown, but I would be prepared to give a punt, that his attitude is even more depressing than Squidward. Or a bit like Michael Caine's face. Heart-touchingly pathetic.