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Bill Fagerbakke

Position: Voice of Patrick Star
Voice Of: Patrick Star, Sam Star, PatTron, Dr. Manowar, Rex, Patricia, Mr. Pirateson, Thaddeus, Quarter Guy, Record Owner, Cotton Candy Man, Pecos Patrick, Pants, TV Producer, Tibor, Patrick Not-Star, Romeo Robot, O.W.S. Inspector, Big Squid, Bald, Farfel Bainbridge, Jellien Patrick, Sir Cecil, Native Pet Store Owner, Agent Twerp, State Officer, Supermarket Manager, Patar, Art Appraiser, Primitive Patrick
Biography: Aside from being the man known as the voice of Patrick Star, he has had various roles in other TV shows & movies: Assistant Coach "Dauber" Daubinski (Coach), The Hunchback of Notre Dame, & Jumanji.