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Gene Shalit

Position: Voice of Gene Scallop
Voice Of: Gene Scallop
Biography: According to his official MSNBC bio, "Shalit was born in a New York on March 25, 1926, and eight days later arrived in Newark, New Jersey, in company of his mother. In 1932 he accompanied his family when they moved to Morristown, New Jersey. In Morristown High School he wrote the school paper’s humor column (prophetically called "The Broadcaster"), and narrowly escaped expulsion." Shalit guest-starred as the voice, and was portrayed in the form, of a fish named "Gene Scallop" in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Krusty Sponge" in which the character was an important food critic with which through his review episode titled Bottom Feeding, he stated all of the negatives of the Krusty Krab and its management but in closing praised SpongeBob's cooking style and stated that Mr. Krabs should "sponge up" (Talking about The Krusty Krab), thus causing Mr. Krabs to go overboard, even as far as selling "Spongy Patties" which were actually old rotten yellow Krabby Patties thus causing several customers to get very ill and to turn yellow. Scallop appeared later in the episode as the head juror (who himself ate one of the patties), reading "the jury finds Mr. Krabs guilty." Shalit told Entertainment Tonight that he enjoys the show and was amused seeing the episode. He also made a cameo appearance in an episode of Family Guy in a cutaway gag, mugging Peter and talking in puns with movies. In another episode, Peter obtains the power of transformation. While in the form of Britn