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Fishin' For Money

CD: The Best Day Ever
Track Number: 24
Artist: Mr. Krabs

Fishermen go out to sea where delicious fishies be
They cast their net in hope of eel or cod
In pond and lake and stream
Tis every anglers dream to bag the big one armed with reel and rod

Tuna perch and halibut and flounder
Snapper chomp and schools of fat one aye
The one that got away weighs hundred pounder
But this old salts got bigger fish to fry

I'm after something else you see tis gold and silver waits for me
There's no where else I'd rather be then fishin' for money
Pennies, nickels, dimes and next come pounds, doubloons and travelers checks
Cast off, mateys, clear the decks, I'm fishin' for money

They're off the starboard bow could be a real cash cow
I stand ready with me hook and line
All hands forward and left up to the mizzen-mast
You keep a sharp eye out for dollar signs

Oh, hold on, I thought I felt a little nibble
I reel it in and put it in me sack
Big or small it don't matter I don't quibble
And you can bet I don't throw nothin' back

Shackles, pesos, yarrows, leer-a
All currency from farer and nearer
No credits cards accepted here-a
I'm fishin' for money

What herring stirs an old sardine
Compares with rules of forward and green
My wallet's fat when times are lean
I'm fishin' for money

Trollin', trollin'
We troll for moby dollar
Thar she blows
Rollin', rollin'
We really mean rollin in that dough

When all the world's been bought and sold
Golds still worth its weight in gold
Come to daddy oh mother load
I'm fishin' for money

I'd pinch a penny twenty ways
And save it for a rainy day
Whenever I can salt away
I'm fishin' for money

Oh, register, your pretty ring
I love to listen to you sing
Me favorite song ka-ching ka-ching
I'm fishin', fishin', fishin' for money
Fishin' for money