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Doin' The Krabby Patty

CD: The Best Day Ever
Track Number: 18
Artist: SpongeBob & Patrick

Stick your hands up in the air
Shake your bottom like your pants are square
Start a tremblin' down in your knees
Slide on the floor like it's covered with grease
Would you like a little extra cheese
Now you're doing the krabby patty

Flipping patties at the Krusty Krab
That's how I started this brand new fad
I know I'm looking good right now
With my big blue eyes and my L7 trow
You wanna learn well I'll teach you how
You'll be doing the krabby patty

Krabby patty
Krabby patty
Krabby patty
Krabby patty
Come on join my krusty crew
I made the krabby patty just for you

Throw out those hot dogs, burgers and fries
Lose the bowls of chili and the pizza pies 
How do you cook it man that's no riddle
You gotta sizzle just a little in the middle of the grill

Just ask any gourmet fish
It's Bikini Bottom's number one dish
The Krusty Krab's really where its at
Look how we rolled out the welcome mat
The patties skinny but the buns are fat
When we're doing the krabby patty

Oh, you wanna learn how to do the krabby patty
Well, here's what you gotta do
Take your patty and throw it on the grill
Can you feel it, it's such a thrill
Now you reach up and put on some ketchup
You're a natural-a with that spatula
Let the mustard trickle and little slice of pickle
Now put it on a bun, you're almost done
Here it comes, yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Krabby patty (oh, you're looking good)
Krabby patty (start your diet tomorrow)
Krabby patty (slap some lettuce on)
Krabby patty (yeah)
Buy a bag, a box, a carton, a case
Stomp your feet and feed your face

Krabby patty
Krabby patty
Krabby patty
Krabby patty