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Gloves 1

Episode: Escape from Beneath Glove World
Artist: Nyasha Hatendi, Crissy Guerrero, Eban Schletter

If you want to wear something on your hand or fist
There's really nothing quite like gloves
And if you don't want to leave fingerprints
I've got a pair that you're just gonna love

If you want complete knuckle protection
When you stick your hand inside a block of cheese
A glove's a thing you want, a glove's a thing you need
So wear a glove if you please

Get yourself some fourchettes
Gussets, tranqs, and quirks
Slap a pair of thumbs on that
And you’ve got a look that works

Queen Elizafish The First wore her gloves everyday
To preserve and protect her lovely mitts
Hats protect your head and shoes protect your feet
But gloves protect you from getting sick from everyone you meet

So if you box or build or drive or cook or clean the loo
We’ve got a special glove made just for you
A glove is beyond compare as essential as underwear
So if I were you I’d buy two