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My Leg (song)

Episode: My Leg!
Artist: Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Mr. Lawrence, and Kevin Michael Richardson

When I met you, my fingers went numb
And my arms were all aloof
But I tripped over your heart
And now, my loneliness went poof leg is in love
Hey, my leg is in love
Like an old, snug shoe that fits like a glove
My leg is in love
Wow! My leg is in love

Through my femur to the marrow
Is where Cupid shot an arrow
So, my leg is in love
Whoa! My leg is in love

My calves are getting restless
My quads are going crazy
I'm in love with a nurse
And I think her name is Daisy

Nurse Bazooka: Me?

His leg is in love (yeah, his leg is in love)
I really mean it
Yeah, my leg (his leg)
Oh, yes! (oh yes)
My leg is in love (his leg is in love)