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CD: Music from The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water
Track Number: 4
Artist: Tom Kenny & Mr. Lawrence

We can do anything when we have teamwork
Don't you think so, my friend?

Te-am work
It's getting in the way of my sche-am work
What don't you comprehend?

But working together is the key
Nothing's impossible when it's you and me

I'm doing just fine on my own

Work is no fun when you do it alone

If I want it done right, I'll do it by myself

But what if you need something on a higher shelf?


Well, that's exactly why you need a partner to help you with this important job!
I'll be the hammer, and you'll be the nail
I'll be the boat, and you'll be the sail
I'm the flower, you're the aroma

Right now I wish I was in a coma

Come on!
I'm here for you, when you're here for me!
It's better when you, plus me, equals we!
Working together in harmony!
Side by side, we can reach our dreams
'Cause nothing's impossible
When we're a team